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(Verse 1)
Help me
I can't carry on like this
oh darling, without you
I've lost my purpose
when I was with you
it was like the stars had found their shine
I just don't know what I 'ma do without you in my life

(Verse 2)
I trusted you
with all my broken pieces
but you took my heart and left me
all alone and speechless
You gave me all theses promises
said you wouldn't let me hurt no more
but you took those pretty lies of yours
and walked right out the door...

Still, here I am...
crying on my knees
feeling so ashamed of
all my desperate pleas
you'd already made your mind up
but i still begged you helplessly
baby darling please please please...
don't walk away from me

(Verse 3)
I can't breathe
feels like i'm drowning all the time
all the signs that you were sending
made me believe that you were mine
it's like you were the fire and i was the moth
I couldn't help but be drawn in
time after time I said I wouldn't get burnt
but here I am again...

Still, here I am...
crying on my knees
feeling so ashamed of
all my desperate pleas
you'd already made your mind up
but i still begged you helplessly
baby darling please please please...
don't walk away from me...

oh.. i'm broken
down crying
yeah, my tears are falling like rain
you don't want me
but I want you
and that's what's causing me this pain
Oh I brought you flowers
gave you all my hours
but you still backed up all your things
and even though i begged you
begged you not to leave
you still walked away from me...
hey guys and gals!! i just wanted to let you know that this was inspired by a poem called broken by our very own larry marshall... i was given permission to take his poem and attempt to turn it into a song.. and i went ahead and did just that.. i hope y['all like it and i just want to say thank you to larry for the opportunity to create this... i hope ya'' like it!!!!
"I just want to be happy,"
I said, as tears fell down my face
I just want to be happy
and get the hell out of this place.

I just want to be happy
but I know I'll never feel that here
in this place where love is scarcely shown
and most time is spent in fear...

I just want to be happy
I don't wanna measure up
to some stupid freaking standards
that society made up

I just want to be happy
I just want to feel free
I just want to feel secure...
like I can actually be me

I want to lay down my burden
kick my heels up & relax...
I just want to be happy...
Is that too much to ask?
Happiness seems to evade me at every turn... stupid me...I forget...I'm not meant to be happy...when will I ever learn?
katelyn arroyo Dec 2019
I know you don't believe me anymore
but I still want to say it.
So, here goes... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for letting you down, time after time.
I'm sorry for repeating the same mistakes, over and over.
I'm sorry for not trying hard enough to get straight A's.
I'm sorry for thinking that A's & B's were good enough.
I'm sorry for not having any common sense.
I'm sorry for being hard-headed & stubborn.
I'm sorry for being passive-aggressive without meaning to.
I'm sorry for not being mature enough for my age.
I'm sorry for breaking the rules.
I'm sorry for going through the fridge without permission and eating food that doesn't belong to me.
I'm sorry for occasionally taking things that aren't mine from around the house because no one uses them anymore.
I'm sorry that I'm not as angelic as my little sisters.
I'm sorry for all the headaches I've given you.
I'm sorry for all the fights I've caused between you and Dad.
I'm sorry for being a disappointment.
I'm sorry that I like to watch TV.
I'm sorry that I get distracted easily.
I'm sorry that you think I'm weird.
I'm sorry for how I look when I take a picture.
I'm sorry for having an uncontrollable habit that led to me creating scars all over my face.
I'm sorry for having depression and anxiety.
I'm sorry that I have ADHD that I don't know how to control.
I'm sorry that I don't fit in anywhere.
I'm sorry for spending 12 of my 16 years of life trying to make you as proud of me as possible, but instead making you count the days until my 18th birthday so I won't be your problem anymore.
I'm sorry for being a horrible person in your eyes.
I'm sorry that you think I'm heartless because I never cry in front of you.
I'm sorry that you think I don't care about anyone or anything.
But most of all,  I'm sorry that you think that this is actually who I am...
I'm sorry for never reaching your crazy standards and for never being good enough.
I guess... I'm sorry for being human.
katelyn arroyo Dec 2019
they think they know
what my life is like
but they don't sit here
listening to their parents' fight
praying for it to end
while they argue past midnight
trying  my hardest to pretend
that things will be alright
but knowing they won't
cuz you can't fix something
that was never even whole
to start with...
and when they do get along
you're not happy, you're scared
you hold your breath
and make sure to stay aware
cuz it never lasts long
and once they start they won't stop
so you sit and just wait
for the other shoe to drop...
katelyn arroyo Dec 2019
" We need to stop raising boys to think that they need to prove their masculinity by being controlling or not showing emotion or by not being little girls." (-Gloria Steinem)

I'm tired of people saying
that boys should never cry
crying is part of feeling--
which we should never deny
boys can be hurt
and boys can bleed
and sometimes crying
is just something they need
it doesn't make them girly
or any bit less strong
it just proves they have a heart
so how can it be wrong?
if having a heart
and showing it means
that you're not good enough
or you're thought of as weak
then quite honestly
i really don't think
i'd like to be a part of
this society
So cry all you want boys...
it's okay...
katelyn arroyo Dec 2019
I can FEEL it
it rips at the walls around my heart
desperate to be let in
so it can tear me apart
it claws at the doors of my mind
screaming its battle cries
determined to get in
it tries and tries and tries
not only my pain
but the pain of a thousand different souls
each of them furtively
trying to become whole
everywhere I go I feel it
like a presence in the air
pain so great and sorrowful
it brings one to despair
i feel it in the street and
i feel it in the store
i only wish i didnt have to
feel it anymore...

not one but a thousand
my demons, your demons and everyone's
i can feel your pain
katelyn arroyo Dec 2019
See that girl over there?
black hoodie? ripped jeans?
with her black lipstick,
you call her different
but if you looked behind the scenes...

then you'd know that all of it...
is just a mask that she wears
to keep her hands from shaking
so no one sees her breaking
cuz she feels like nobody cares...

and that boy in the corner?
who always sits alone?
he doesn't sleep most nights
and gets in a lot of fights
but if you saw how things were at home...

then you'd know that all of it...
is just part of how he deals
with the anger that burns deep
and doesn't let him sleep
and the pain & the heartache he feels...

still, you continue to judge
when you don't know all these things...
like the scars that she's hiding
the demons he's fighting
or how they ache to spread their wings...

you don't know the battles
that they go through every day
with the monsters deep inside
and the people in their life
who they wish would just go away...

and if you don't know...
then maybe you shouldn't treat them that way
you never know... the battles they juggle
or the way that they struggle
might be yours to go through someday...
if you don't know, then don't judge. a philosophy, i think everyone should live their lives by.
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