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That it is the duty of good parents
to show their children how to live
appears axiomatic. It takes a while
for parents to realize they will also
be expected to set a noble example
of how human beings
should die.
FJ Davis 14h
Moon's nearness and size
unsettle the viewer's heart;
collision threatened.
FJ Davis 23h
Night lost all comfort
as drooling wolves howled blood lust;
small creatures scampered.
Do not castigate the elderly
for living in the past. Where
on a fixed income, could they
possibly live cheaper?
Wisdom is neither knowledge nor intelligence
nor cynicism; it is, instead, truth habitually perceived--
The Way of Guiding Insight.
Minimalist poets
use words, sparingly;
believing that--like the myopic
lipreader for a chronic blabbermouth--
excess verbiage only
causes eyestrain.
Human life, scientists tell us, has been the merest
bubble in the boundless ocean of Eternity. We are
also beings who live for such an insignificant
amount of time. Shouldn't we be almost
desperate to relate to one another?
There is so very little opportunity
and so very much
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