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Chiara Feb 2020
Do you know the feeling of being sad,
Even though you don’t know why anymore?
I do, and like I just said;
I‘ve got no clue why.
Chiara Jan 2020
Into the night I wander,
It's darkness that I seek.
I want to escape the thoughts
That are nearly drowning me.
But even the pitch black night
Cannot block out the things
I think about each night
And that haunt me in my dreams.
Chiara Jan 2020
A dark path lies ahead of her,
Should she flee or should she go?
No way to know how it would end,
If it leads to success or just a dead end.
Chiara Jan 2020
I wear a mask at school,
I wear a mask at home.
I wear it all the time,
To pretend I don't feel alone.
Chiara Jan 2020
Do you see that little bird, that's sitting on his own?
It's different, that's why its friends are few,
It's singing all alone.
Chiara Jan 2020
They say that eyes are a window to the soul,
They say that they show the feelings no one can control,
They say that they betray what we feel
And that they are proof we're alive, 'til the end of our days.
Chiara Jan 2020
I hide in the darkness
To block out my past,
I hide from the day
To keep my mind sane.
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