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Chiara Nov 7
What is a friend?
It’s not easy to say.
You’d need too many words
To explain what you feel.

That's why you have to look into your soul
To see what friendship is like,
How a friend makes you feel
When he or she looks in your eyes.
Chiara Nov 7
They say heroes are brave,
That they never cry,
That they aren’t afraid,
Even if they may die.

I don’t think that is true,
Everyone fears something,
Even if it isn’t losing one’s life,
There sure is a thing.

They say heroes are brave,
That they’re never afraid,
But how could one stand out
Who has never struggled with doubt?

Only when you’re afraid
You can show courage,
You can overcome doubt
And be a hero.
Chiara Oct 12
My mom always tells me that it’s my fault we fight,
Why I’m not just happy and enjoy everyday life?
She says: There’s no reason for you to be sad,
You just **** the mood when you enter the room.

She doesn’t realize that I have every right to be down,
That I’m allowed to be me, even if she doesn't agree.
I don’t have to act different just to please her,
Why do I have to put on a fake smile, I thought lying was bad?

She doesn't know what I’m feeling, so why does she think she can judge me?
I am sad, she can’t change that,
So why won't she stop making me feel bad,
I can’t handle the stress with her too.
I really love my family, but sometimes they just have no idea what their words do to me. I already have enough problems without them making me feel bad for feeling bad!
Chiara Oct 4
There are screams in the darkness,
Exhaustion and pain,
The air’s suffocating,
No space to turn.

Negative feelings,
Your deepest fears
They’re surfacing now,
And you cannot flee.

You open your eyes,
Thinking waking would help,
But you start to realize,
That it isn’t a dream.
Chiara Sep 29
I’m not like you,
I may never be,
But I still need friends
Who accept me for me.

My hair may be purple,
It may be cut short,
There may be piercings
As well as tattoos.

I’m not an alien,
Just ‘cause I’m different,
But you’ll only know that,
If you see me for me.

I’m more than I look like,
I’ve got a big heart,
I will be your friend,
If you want to have me.

But do not assume,
Now don’t get me wrong:
That I’ll change for you,
That would be wrong.

I’d be glad for your friendship,
But you must see,
That I need friends,
Who accept me for me.
Chiara Sep 29
When I feel alone and can’t take any more,
I call you my friend, you pick up the phone.
I pour my heart out to you, tell you what’s on my mind,
You don’t stop me once, just let me speak my mind.

Your first words after minutes are ,,I’m on my way.’’
True to your word, you arrive not much later,
You give me a hug, after that we sit down,
Again I tell you everything, you want me to go on.

You don’t try to give advice when I’m finished and weeping,
You take my hands in your own, look me in the eyes,
We sit there in silence, for we need no more words.
You are my best friend, you know just what I need,
I hope someday I can repay for what you did for me.
We’re closer than sisters, I treasure our friendship,
You’re important to me, I hope you can say the same about me.
Chiara Sep 29
Music is so much more than just notes and words,
It is always there, the words are in our heads,
It gives us hope and we can finally find strength,
When we listen to music, we’re in a different world.
It lets us forget everything else in your heads.
We wander in daydreams, finally at peace,
There’s always a song that matches our mood,
When put our headphones away, we’re not as exhausted anymore.
I love listening to music and teach myself a few Instruments. I really couldn't live without music, it gives me strength and keeps me going when I think I can't go on anymore.
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