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Sep 26 · 80
You held the softest part of my heart
while I refused to view this
as nothing
but a flaw.
Sep 21 · 59
Use Your words
Use your words.
     Even if they've been heard before,
          say them once more.
Search combinations for new letters to adore.
     Expose a rhythm, make it rhyme,
          express this messy perspective of life.
Use your words.
     Whisper, speak, shout
          find some space, a place
               to let it out.
It'd be quite a shame
     you come all this way
          and never shared
               what you're all about.
Use your words.
     Allow them to break, breath, take flight.
          Make them honest
                for those to take hold
                     and offer some delight
               to take home
                    make their own
                         and watch them grow in the light.
Sep 19 · 98
The moon requests our attention.
Systems in place
whirling through space
as we bustle about
pay no mind without
what's high in the sky, "but why?"
we sustain, in our way
of the chance to play
with magic wistful blissful waves and forms
to witness this performance
in our view, taking shape of its container
squeezed between orbiting wonder
igniting dreams under a black canvas of speckled light,
with a big bright moon to prove it is the night.
The moon requests our attention.
A glimmer sliver of the sun
the source on course to remain the one
who gives and lives
for nothing but to provide
for others to flourish, survive.
The moon requests our attention.

— The End —