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I much prefer the company
of Honest crooks,
than of Righteous Thieves..
There is no Negative
There is no Positive
life's no car Battery,
Just be the True You
And get your Sh*t
Greed, possession, the war that never ends.
The best comrade is appreciating
Then all of nature becomes your army.
When my brothers dog died.
In his eyes crumbling,
The loudest silence I've ever heard.
First step to finding yourself
   Is having courage
in admitting to yourself
     That your f*cking lost.
She lit a spark so deep inside, the more whiskey
I drank trying to put it out,
The more I saw her in the flames.
Taught me way less than a good woman's thighs,
And the old men who breathe wisdom like mist,
In the cold like dying dragons.

— The End —