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4d · 24
Betty H 4d
Winter moon's fierce wind
smacks us in the face and stings
kicks the outdoor chairs

Limbs scatter about
front door mat flies in the air
lands on the car

Wind gusts shake the house
we listen to the moan
the moon releases its clutch
Dec 1 · 38
Betty H Dec 1
Blinking lights
spray the Tennessee sky
black night noise
disrupts the calm

Silver bullets dash
through dense dark air
one harmed
one dead

Sirens bellow
yellow tape
shrouds the scene
common event
in this hood

Police suppress the fight
drugs pay the rent
cycle persists
more harm
more deaths
Nov 24 · 173
Betty H Nov 24
She slumps over him
best friend, a furry lad
strokes his rough brown hair
labored breaths
his eyes half locked
wee droplets seep out
her forlorn face
head elevates
to catch a glimpse
of his wet nostrils
she awaits, not a stir
blank stare
her eyes plead to blink

"It's time"
she quivers, clench fists
needle plunges deep
"He's gone"
she implores to stay
he rests peacefully
asleep as the motionless stars
his only caregiver
in silent tortuous mourning
Nov 22 · 38
Betty H Nov 22
I am a female political warrior
burning with an inspiring cult
intense in logic
tortuous in deed
determined to succeed

Sensitive in essence
cold-blooded in flesh
no barriers to accomplishment
though strong, tolerant, compassionate
please, I invite you to spar with me
Nov 22 · 97
Betty H Nov 22
Fall, **** trees submit
empty woven nest suspends
wind smacks it to earth

Lone robin quivers
family flock deserts him
he lingers on thin bark

Turmoil shrouds him
eyes flicker like lightening
brown wings flap, he's off!
Nov 22 · 25
Betty H Nov 22
I am a female political warrior
burning with an inspiring cult
intense in logic
tortuous in deed
determined to succeed

Sensitive in essence
cold-blooded in flesh
no barriers to accomplishment
though strong, tolerant, compassionate
please, I invite you to spar with me.
Nov 21 · 45
Betty H Nov 21
Though the shades are drawn
upon my eyes
I forever sense
the spices of your sweat
cumin, cloves, mint, nutmeg
heightening in the murk
of my globe
so stimulating is your corps
I merely imagine your beauty
even more
Nov 17 · 169
Betty H Nov 17
Few words to reveal
must I clarify my stand?
harm, humility, betrayal
I speak no more
you feel my sore
I beg you cease
For I have earned my peace
Nov 16 · 29
Betty H Nov 16
Whoosh, hiss
slow burn
glides right
earth swells
slender clouds
flow by
silent saints
sun peeks, hides

bald treetops
glides left
heads bob
Nov 13 · 37
Betty H Nov 13
Black and White
heavy wet snow
sleepy limbs
hover above
the frigid earth
icicles reflect
off the sun's radiant glow
melt as its warmth heightens
teardrops slip
patter on the roof
soft chunks plunge
without a murmur

Yellow light flickers
solo in the colorless landscape
smoke rises into a cold sky
hunter cabin's flame
frosted window
merrymaking clatter
seeps through a crack
men's chanting
celebratory jingles
snug on an arctic day
Nov 13 · 224
Betty H Nov 13
My last love lyrics
are in your teardrop
mine has little rain
I sink to the mud earth
but always remember your pain
Nov 6 · 33
Betty H Nov 6
My mood dampens
as the short winter days advance
my inner spirit sinks low
I bury myself with covers
lethargy, loneliness seeps in
darkness stabs me
my patience diminishes
as does the day's light
if I could hasten
this frigid world
my mood ought to soar
to higher ground
as long spring daylight
elevates hope
to those
whose blackness
is hell.
Betty H Nov 3
My eyes capture a glimpse
of a Robin Red Breast
who lay at my feet
his breath labored
as is mine
I sink to my knees
my spirit crushed
as is his
we mourn as a pair

His wind ceases
eyes lock
I bury him
under a Sourwood Tree
with raw hands
and blanket him
with rich soil
Fall leaves flow
to bedeck his grave
Oct 27 · 46
Betty H Oct 27
When we pass as one
our shadows ought to dance
among the stars
while the moon
illuminates our way
a groovy waltz by Strauss
for us to savor, it may
reach out, embrace me up here
where the thin air
is perfumed
as you, my dear
Oct 24 · 129
Betty H Oct 24
If this torn and tattered message finds you
note that I have embraced another
your turn is yet to come
Oct 24 · 30
Betty H Oct 24
His broad euphoric smile
melts my inner core
my pulse dances
candles shimmer
on his pearl white teeth
I am awestruck by their beauty
as the light peters out
we caress in the shadows
though I remain fixed on that white beam
in my mind's eye
Oct 23 · 52
Betty H Oct 23
Friendship is a distinct bond
a closeness that breathes
swathes us in deep shelter
embraces all of whom we are fond

It unveils a trust
forever to clutch
keeps our verve together
with or without a touch

Give and take
promises to be
stretches distant paths
across the deep dark sea

we nurture this link
and bask in each other's thought
if one of us should pass
our peace chain will be naught
Oct 21 · 130
Betty H Oct 21
I like you, but not the way you think
my friendship though, is soft as mink
you shall find your own
or you will indeed be alone
do not fret
as you are one's best bet
Oct 21 · 28
Betty H Oct 21
My life is a cramped musty space
I only fantasize the outside world
my window is the fated release
I breathe a slice of life
as I peer, squint for hours
to a nonexistent entity
fantasy of contact
wishful friendship
the forest seen
is my only hope
I dwell upon this trance
the window is my promise
Oct 18 · 32
Betty H Oct 18
Earthquake of sound
cackling guffaws
plunges my hunger
into an abyss
pointless to omit
ignites fire in my brain
I shall depart
seek quiet
turn to drink
in a cool neighborhood cafe
Oct 18 · 32
Betty H Oct 18
A hummingbird flutter
shreds my gut
agitates the peace
no method to shut
my alter ego seeks its best
to settle this critter down to rest
Oct 12 · 2.4k
Betty H Oct 12
I ride the waves of sorrow
to join eternal bliss
I await a kindly person
to plant a gentle kiss
Oct 12 · 120
Betty H Oct 12
A cloud carries me
up to a radiant star
rain blurs my vision
Oct 12 · 185
Betty H Oct 12
In my dream I adore you
in reality, not so
In my dream I trust you
In reality, not so
In my dream
You don’t love me
so now, please go
Oct 5 · 125
Betty H Oct 5
Blue gray eyes
midnight lashes
long and thick
no wonder
you are seen
by others
but please
keep in mind
no lovers
may you find
Oct 4 · 47
Betty H Oct 4
She wakes with fright at light of dawn
lover is not beside
she yawns and whispers I do care
he'll return later in the morn

Their love has waned over the years
she assumes someone new
she yearns to search for this being
from this point she's dried out her tears

He calls her as the last goodbye
her breaths tight on the phone
no words spoken, silence
then begs him one more try
Oct 4 · 97
Betty H Oct 4
“Good Morning”
simple act of kindness
common words
draws a smile to many
no deep meaning
absolute transparency
renders a perfect day
I say these words
To utter strangers
whether or not
It is noticed
Sep 28 · 148
Betty H Sep 28
Return to my kiss, my sweet
for I have not erred
a crazy fling, though consensual
intoxicated, shrouded in a fog of lust
no fault of my own
I implore comeback
I will eternally bemoan
foolish act of ignorance
leave me not
in my ocean of guilt
Sep 26 · 40
Betty H Sep 26
Flag-draped wood box slides down the ramp
drizzle slightly dampens its vision
dark, bleak early morning
my eyes blur, hours of bawling, heaving
dry tears on my face and clothes

My little ones hold tight
looks of fear emanate from their eyes
bewildered, blank stares
soldiers, soaked, motionless
never move, show no emotion
do their duty

Flag gently folds in perfect form
gives me a gift
though I pause
Stand, unmoved, frigid
vacuous, no one stirs me
thoughts ramble
why him?
I am a widow
Sep 26 · 39
Betty H Sep 26
Four walls close in on me
cramped space, barren
small slots force in sunlight
passing clouds, a sliver of hope
strange sense of being
deep breaths
many still to arrive
no privacy
far away screams
claw walls, sweat
curse words, threats, gangs, violence
populate this prison
hot, steamy, smelly, airless space
hunger, my innards ache
gruel, tasteless slop
reality is blind
sleep, only consolation
disturbed by black night noise
grasp at memories, dreams
no sense of time, monotony
boredom surrounds
no one should ever exist like me
Sep 22 · 35
Betty H Sep 22
Summer moon winks to my delight
but when he shows a scowl
he shrouds me with fright
the stars, they eternally shimmer
and cause my eyes to blink
I plead with them again to turn the lights much dimmer
a lonely star tumbles to the ground
I run, legs flying, to catch it and miss it
mother says come, I guess I'm homeward bound
Sep 21 · 100
Betty H Sep 21
Humans suffer
disease, decay
waste away
a sluggish blob
I ask myself
how do I confront death
with dignity
Sep 20 · 163
Smile ( Haiku)
Betty H Sep 20
The moon has a face
two bright eyes, nose, smiley mouth
a cloud smothers it
Sep 19 · 39
Betty H Sep 19
midnight encroaches
a silent, old male reappears
to forage for leftover food
in unlocked, rusty garbage cans
street lamps divulge his coal black eyes
treacherous claws, slick snout
the moon’s torch accentuates
the thickness of his brown, hairy torso
his agility
every evening, his midnight supper
awaits his vacuous belly
no matter how paltry
Sep 18 · 269
Betty H Sep 18
He jumps the train
as the wheels come
to a screeching halt
darkness covers him
he runs, legs flip in the air
he pants, looks back
the armed men sleep
a chill in the night air
his skin reveals
the moon hides
he stumbles
powerful will to survive
sounds of the forest flourish
thick with brush
the last struggle
it embraces him
Sep 17 · 32
Betty H Sep 17
sun peeks above the horizon
billowy white clouds dangle high
mist hovers low to the ground
rainbow colors stretch
as the gasses flow
into the swelling round balloon
a straw basket lay
on damp long grass
in wait for our journey
we board, listen, smell the fumes
to our surprise
bottles of champagne
black caviar

We lift off
as the engines roar
we greet the sun
but only for moments
we can almost touch the cotton clouds
we climb as they dance around us
dive, skip around tree tops
then swiftly surge upwards
like a gymnast's cartwheels

The gasses ease
as we gently drift toward earth
we look below
at a field of bright yellow flowers
as we put down on this soft cloth
greeted by French school children
all giggles, they stare at us
and our rainbow balloon
but what would this journey be
without an ending of champagne and caviar
Sep 17 · 39
Betty H Sep 17
I ring the bell
my step-mother greets me
she slaps me in the face
shock, dismay, anger, fear
“Your father died and you should have known.”
who is she to treat me like this?
I glare at her for seconds, she returns the same

Silence for a moment
“Where have you been these past years”?
far from the turmoil, I say
we hate each other
I retreated from my dad’s life
his insidious stare
his menacing mind
his crafty presence
“you have caused his death;
you drove him mad with your ***** tricks.”

I move closer to her face
to clarify
she shuts me up
no slap this time

I go to the morgue
heart attack
touch him
the last
she can’t accuse me
she has no one
I have a life
Sep 15 · 80
Wedding Day
Betty H Sep 15
The boat lurches and sways
as the white caps surge
we sit and hold tight
a sudden turn in the sky
alarms us, pulses pound
takes us by surprise
dark clouds advance
a bolt of lightening crackles
before our eyes
booming sounds follow
wind slaps us in the face
beads of rain strike

Waves swoosh
water gushes into our boat
we grab a tarp for shelter
ease the fright
we bail with plastic buckets
but the furious sea has got us beat
salt water soars
it bobbles like a toy
In the great ocean

We capsize in the frigid water
hold with one hand on the boat
other arm to arm
we gulp water, cough and spit
breaths labored
no strength to swim
my lover gulp, screams

His grip is not in mine
I watch him slowly submerge
bubbles streaming to the surface
I think I’m about to drown
My last thought
we WILL have our wedding day
Sep 15 · 159
Faked Out!
Betty H Sep 15
I slowed my old truck
a dead deer was in the road
Hmmm, or so I thought
Sep 14 · 43
A Touch of Green
Betty H Sep 14
Mysterious rain forest
limbs swathed in green velvet
scattered abstractly
fall from old age
or wind, rain, earth rumble
leaves shroud the damp, crusty ground
like a lace-covered table cloth
the angel of death
paints them brown
crunch under foot
sounds of crackled pop

Thin stalks stand ****
patient, wait to open
angel of life
seasons shift
soft cotton moss
enriches limbs of the rain forest
time to smell sweet earth flowers
Sep 12 · 35
Betty H Sep 12
Three jobs
home to my musty hovel
little sleep, weary, red eyes
three mouth to feed
husband took off
no time to complain
barely time to breath
government stinks
selfish, heartless
we live or die
no work, no pay

Heart pains me
seen rich people
think about them
I dream wealthy
sit on my lounger
by the cool saltwater pool
sip my margarita, indulge
but awaken to my reality
some day my dream comes true
rich people detached about us poor
need more money to survive
no hope in my lifetime
just wish my kids win the lottery

— The End —