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Jun 2020 · 136
Merrily Merrily
Heather Lea Jun 2020
If everything that's meant to be will be, no matter what;
If every line is written, and every bullet shot;
Is this just a balance, between the cold and hot?
Is choosing how we feel, the only choice we've got?

Why do we fear the future, and what it might not bring?
Why can we not just love to love; allow our voice to sing?
Why do we fear to just let go, and drift upon the wing?
Why do we go in blindly, each time our ego rings?

Why do we choose to feel so cold, and empty from inside?
Why do we choose to feel these things; why do we choose to hide?
Why do we brush away the lonely tears we have cried?
Why do we choose defence, and push our love aside?

Can we not just choose to feel a fuller love instead?
Is a feeling born from just a thought within our head?
Can we not find peace in feel, put worries, now, to bed,
Will that give us lighter heart and lift this weight of lead?

If every task is written, and all our days have run,
Then are we just our shadows, here to dance beneath the sun?
Are we seeking prizes and rewards already won?
Are we here, adrift in dream, both ended and begun?

We fight for our existence; we feel we have control;
We fight for things around; base our worth on 3D goals.
We fight for all outside of us to make us feel more whole,
And all this time, ignoring the shadows of our soul.

Why do we chase and waste this time that isn't really here?
Why do we go on clinging to the lives we built on fear?
Why do we just allow the weight of grief to hold our tears,
If we are merely passing in the moment we appear?

Time to put a stop to this and put the clock away;
Time to find the drifted dreams, and learn to have more play;
Time to choose to love yourself, and live your life today,
For shadows of the sun are simply here to find their sway.

Feel the heat and feel the cold; find balance in between;
Don't allow the darkness to push away your gleam.
Allow your heart to lift, and rise to all your dreams,
As you sway and drift your shadow, forever on the stream.

Heather Lea
Jun 2020 · 148
A Body of Water
Heather Lea Jun 2020
If you fill a bottle up with water from the sea, is that water still the sea?
If that bottle explodes; smashes on the pavement, and the water spreads, until slowly evaporating into the sky, is that water still the sea?
When the water gathers and forms darkness in the clouds above, is that water still the sea?
When the water falls down from the sky in droplets of rain, is that water still the sea?
When the rain soaks into the ground and kisses the leaves, is that water still sea?
When the water weaves its way from the soil and winds up the roots of the trees, is that water still the sea?
When the water then oozes out as oxygen from the trees, is that water still the sea?
When the water enters our noses in the air we breathe,
Soaks into our blood,
Energises our body,
Fills our lungs,
Are we still that sea;
A bottle

Heather Lea
Jun 2020 · 315
Elementary Rising
Heather Lea Jun 2020
She was of the waters;
He loved her in her flow.
He held her close, allowed her heart
To blossom and to grow.

He was of the earth;
She needed his strong ground.
He was her comfort blanket;
Her loving warm surround.

She was of the air;
He craved for all her thought.
Each dream she had created,
Without a blink he bought.

He was of the fire;
She hungered for such burn.
His passion just ignited
Every hidden yearn.

But elementary they fall;
Both craving their complete;
Blindly following their call,
The fire brought on heat.

For though they both were hoping
To hide their secret pains,
Their need to love completely
Was pulsing through their veins.

So the water washed a river,
But the fire burned it dry.
The earth it tried to force a ground,
Where air just begged to fly.

Each so unaware
Of their elementary needs;
Ego dancing shadows,
Blindly led by greed.

But such a force they were,
For together they had power,
For one to grow in strength;
For one to bloom and flower.

The universe created
The chaos that ensued,
Forcing both to hunger
Without a chance of food.

So fall it did become of them;
Broken both in pain;
Separated from each heart
To rise alone again.

Soon the water found her fire
And the earth became with air;
Balanced in each force of strength
As one, but everywhere.

Then there came a calling
From the winds above,
For both to join together;
Connected still through love.

Now they live in balance
For finally they see,
That both desire each other
For the parts their soul did need.

Now they are as one
Both full with love aglow,
And the pain that grew their love
Has helped them both to grow.

Together now in balance;
Each element within.
Never now to question love;
Now bonded under skin.

Heather Lea
Jun 2020 · 233
The Dark Brave
Heather Lea Jun 2020
I met a unicorn today;
So dazzling to my eye.
His coat was dark but glowing,
Like twinkled stars in sky.

He held a truth so strong
And a message for the free.
His heart held winds of power;
His eyes held storms of seas.

He spoke of tales of bygone times;
A message from the brave.
He spoke of ones who fought with love
And started a new wave.

He reminded me how love is strong,
And conquers any hate.
He showed me sights of future love
Beyond these heavy gates.

Hold strong, be brave, have power
But love is all you need,
For both the dark and loving light
Need your thoughts to breed.

Don't fight with fear; feed anger,
Instead be the new wave,
Use the strength of light
To let love stand with your brave.

This unicorn, so special,
So strong and so unique.
Time to love this unicorn
And let his darkness speak.

Heather Lea
Jun 2020 · 276
Heather Lea Jun 2020
In the reflection I see you
So broken inside
On reflection I should have tried more
In the reflection I see so many secrets that hide
On reflection I was a closed door

In the mirror she stands
A face from the past
A victim of life and of choices  
A failure at work, a failure at love
A head full of negative voices

In the waters of love I see her
I forgive her for all of the pain
I forgive her for tossing my dreams to the side
And for throwing my hopes to the rain

In the reflection now stands a figure
So proud and incredibly free
On reflection I thank her for guiding me here
To all that I know I can be

Heather Lea
Jun 2020 · 468
The Girl in My Shadow
Heather Lea Jun 2020
I know that he still misses her;
I see it in his eyes;
The girl he met so long ago
That made him feel alive.
I can tell he sometimes thinks of her,
I shouldn't be surprised,
She's younger, more carefree than me;
She yearns him in her eyes.
I know he sometimes misses her, she was desperate to be held;
Why would he not want her still?
She was in under his spell.
But can he not look deeper
And see her hidden scars;
Her need to please him all the time
Was bruising her own heart.
Maybe soon he'll understand
Why it could never last,
And love like that is too extreme;
Its why she's in the past.
I'm here right now, in front of him,
This love will always last,
But I know that he still misses
The old me from the past.

Heather Lea

— The End —