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2d · 24
He lives
He is so amazing, he is so peaceful, he is so powerful, he is forgiving, he is always there, he never abandons, he knows all pain, he knows all sin, he knows you, he knows your scars, he knows your struggles, he holds you tight, he provides warmth, he never loses sight, he is there when you mourn, he is coming without a doubt, so I hope you're ready, his plan is well thought-out.
2d · 25
R. evival
I.s love
T.rust worthy
3d · 23
Too perfect
It's been years, and I've grown up so much, new years has brought a unrecognizable twist. Schooling is fine, relationship with Christ and family is fine, everything is perfect, checking every box on the perfect list. I'm completely caught up but somehow falling behind. I'm in such a perfectly straight line. Everything has been so perfect so how is it that i still feel so alone, so empty, so depressed. It's all so perfect. The only issue is that it's too perfect.... Even the purr.... Of the word holds me so warmly, but yet it strangles me with mental illness.
Aug 2020 · 92
Katblackfog Aug 2020
Life is fun life is sad life is something that can drive you mad, what I can see could be the strangest thing, some people only see some of these things, but over all look above not below after all.. I mean yolo.
Feb 2020 · 381
Happy birthday to me
Katblackfog Feb 2020
Here's to the worst freaking birthday where you can't handle anything anymore and you're left trying so hard not to cry but suffer tears down your face I can't handle this pressure so happy freaking birthday to me the best one yet! Can't you see how happy I freaking  am now I'm left at the mercy of friend, family, and God I just hope you knows what he's doing happy birthday to me.
Dec 2019 · 385
Katblackfog Dec 2019
I can't have a glow if my light is dimmed, I'm cut open with a knife because we sinned, if life is a game and there's a medal at the end, I will pass it on I won't make it there goodbye for now see you in a little I need to recharge to breathe again.
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Aug 2019 · 376
Katblackfog Aug 2019
I am alone so don't call I won't pick up the phone dripping from my mouth as I lie cold will be foam I am so done with losing friends with evil comments that never end die die bye bye no more taking off to fly die die bye bye
Aug 2019 · 84
Am I an imposter
Katblackfog Aug 2019
Am I an imposter sometimes I don't like my family I wish I was fostered no one likes me for who I am everyone thinks I'm a big copycat but you don't know who I really am I am a small kitten suffering with cuts bruises my heart tries to fight but in the end always loses you don't want to see my scarred wrists but you don't know who I really am you do not know me so you cannot accuse me you may not have been where I am just be thankful the evil comments don't come from your fam I build  myself up I let myself down what is a smile I have the frown my eyes are empty all the love and light has left me you see me as an imposter but maybe I'm just dark and Lost if you hate me then just **** her end it all with a simple twist life long suffering could end BUT YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM.
Aug 2019 · 104
Katblackfog Aug 2019
You can see me in my shadow only some people I call a friendly fellow you can find me hiding in darkness left empty crying and speechless stress weighs down on my shoulders it's like I'm hitting giant boulders it seems like nothing could help me but I still look to the sky to try and see Lord is there I know he is how can I feel so dark if I know he's there hatred and depression it's my biggest bear life is not fair sometimes I wonder how can I live but to keep me going I try to share share poems share my thoughts but I'm still drowning and now I'm just lost.
Aug 2019 · 151
Katblackfog Aug 2019
R: rifle
E: empty
A: anxiety
T: threatened
H: hatred
E: exhausted
Aug 2019 · 80
Broken love
Katblackfog Aug 2019
I was broken shattered I tried to pull myself together piece by piece my friend picked up the pieces of me falling apart but only one person had the last piece to my heart.
Aug 2019 · 75
My own shadow
Katblackfog Aug 2019
Lost in my own shadow who can see me doesn't matter no one would believe I can talk I have a voice but I screamed so much I was lost in a void forcing me to break down is a demon version of me she looks at me and says you will never be free I cried till the end of May I cried so much I could fill an oceans Bay but there is one stronger than all who can hear me when I call he catches me when I fall Lord your out there I know you are sometimes I feel that you are far. Joshua 1:9

— The End —