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Katblackfog Sep 8
K: killme
A: afterlife
T: trigger
  Sep 5 Katblackfog
Cat Lynn
After two years of trying to figure it out
When the root of the problem ended up being upside down

Every piece of the puzzle now perfectly fits...
But God... I was not expecting this kind of plot twist
Still trying to fully grasp it
Katblackfog Sep 2
Demon me: oh hey how did you like the plot twist?
Kat Blackfog: well to be honest it makes me want to slice my wrist.
Demon me: ha ha maybe you should I mean look at you, you are so dumb and gothic like you can't be a Christian too
Kat Blackfog: but I can I was created to fallow my Load so boo who....
Demon me: ha ha think that all you want but know that you are nothing maybe you should end it all oh and I am going to get rid of Abbey you don't need her you don't need friends I mean listen to you family you can't be friends with someone a little older than you should just lose everything
Kat Blackfog: wait what you can't do that
Demon me: watch me you are already becoming me you will soon enough be a little demon Kat because you will have nothing else to turn to Kat Black: no I will stand strong
Demon me: as if and now the one you love I am taking him away too ha ha you think your so high strung well your not your nothing.
Kat Blackfog: maybe your right I should not have friends anymore I should get rid of all of them I turn full black and die slowly I am coming forget it all
Demon me: that's right now you will fallow me you are all mine so  both of us together will cut all ties to friends family here let's go say bye
Kat Blackfog: I'm.... Being..... Pulled.... Away..... I..... Cant.... Breathe.......
It does not rhyme a lot at all.
Katblackfog Aug 29
I am alone so don't call I won't pick up the phone dripping from my mouth as I lie cold will be foam I am so done with losing friends with evil comments that never end die die bye bye no more taking off to fly die die bye bye
Katblackfog Aug 28
You are wrong Kat Blackfog just go away sleep under a log you can try to live but I will hold you under water why should I ask for help seriously why bother I don't give a rip anymore who cares what happens to me I rather die alone and poor tears rush down my face release me with no helmet in space let me die no one likes me all I do is cry why do you all hate me??? I ask the people around me you know what JUST BACK THE F*CK UP I DON'T CARE ANYMORE PEOPLE HATE FOR WHO I AM SO I BET NO ONE MISS WHEN I AM DEAD....
Katblackfog Aug 28
Am I an imposter sometimes I don't like my family I wish I was fostered no one likes me for who I am everyone thinks I'm a big copycat but you don't know who I really am I am a small kitten suffering with cuts bruises my heart tries to fight but in the end always loses you don't want to see my scarred wrists but you don't know who I really am you do not know me so you cannot accuse me you may not have been where I am just be thankful the evil comments don't come from your fam I build  myself up I let myself down what is a smile I have the frown my eyes are empty all the love and light has left me you see me as an imposter but maybe I'm just dark and Lost if you hate me then just **** her end it all with a simple twist life long suffering could end BUT YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM.
Katblackfog Aug 28
B: broken
L: lost
A: anxious
C: cuts
K: killed

R: rage
O: overthinking
S: suicidal
E: empty
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