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Mia Pratt Nov 2020
Our God's passion for us
burns like a consuming fire
He shares our hearts with no other
for the word jealous
is His middle name
He wants to be our ultimate desire
in this world
this life and the one to come
He wants all parts of us to be consumed by His omnipotent energy
not only the tiny portions
like the appetizers on a menu

He will prepare His consuming fire
into a supernatural sword
absent of peace
setting out like a knight
clothed in His shining armour
to devour the shrines and altars
we have constructed
for our lesser lovers
who have promised us a lifetime
of health wealth and prosperity
but instead they consumed us
with nothing but destruction
confusion and division to our souls

He refuses to relinquish
His burning passion for us
with any other creature
dead or alive
on the land
or beneath the ocean's depths
He wants to be our first
last and only knight in shining armour
Mia Pratt Nov 2020
You are not defined
by the shade of blue
that weakened you in the past
but it was only worn around you
to humble you
to strengthen you
to heal you
to deliver you
and to prepare you
for the freedom of recieving
freshwater from saltwater

You are not the shade of blue
that weakened your soul in the past
but the shade of blue
that cleansed it for the future
but you must refuse
to keep wearing the shade of blue
that weakened you in the first place
Mia Pratt Nov 2020
The anchors I carry
were a plethora of burdens
I was never meant to carry
always weighed down
by my insecurities
the snare of the fear of men
the lust of my flesh
the pride of my life
and the voice of my past traumas

You are the Creator of my soul
the One who wants to provide me
with a private island
saturated with an abundance
of rest in the hammocks
of Your presence
and surrounded by a body
of turquiose oceans
soaked with infinite waves
of Your peace that streches
beyond my mortal imagination
while You are the One
to carry all of my anchors
and cleanse my spirit from
the beach house within
Mia Pratt Nov 2020
I went into the destruction
with a wounded soul
engulfed away by explosive flames
like a blazing pineforest
where I had been transformed
into ashes of death
then was resurrected
into a courageous warrior
with a beautiful new heart
of resiliance
humility and radiance
to bless me up into a greater treasure
more abundantly than mines of gold
Mia Pratt Nov 2020
This planet we called Earth
a place we may someday
no longer call our home
is crumbling from under our feet
piece by piece like crumbs from a cake
as the days keep flying by
we are nothing but pilgrims
dwelling on these plains
when everything on this Earth
inevitabily falls away
our Eternal Savior
will be the only source
who will stand with us
from both the end of this world
and in the world to come
Mia Pratt Nov 2020
The storm brought in
not a time of destruction
but a time of
placing our hope in Him
our only shelter of salvation
at time of purifying our hearts
of things that breaks His heart
to sculpt us into
the masterpiece of His Son
a time of elevation
into new levels of glory with Him
and a time of letting Him
bless us with eternal riches
he has laid up for us
over on other side of this life
Mia Pratt Nov 2020
My body is waterlogged
from the water springs of Your grace
You quench the thirst of my spirit
with less of me and more of Yourself
You pour all of your eternal goodness
into my empty cup
I can't sustain by my own might
no matter the many times
I am told by outside voices
that I am enough
once I truly show compassion
towards myself
but only You can truly satisfy
the endless desires of my heart
which overflows
within the spirit
of my waterlogged body
like the currents
of a thousand rivers
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