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Bird 21h
I could not beat him again
He was too strong
I was too weak
Too weak
Bird 22h
He is there
You notice it in you
The tingling in you
You try to ignore it
You want to overcome it
They think you can do it
He is there
Your cards are bad
You lose
He is there
They lose against the ******
They rub the pain
You're fast.
sweat beads on the forehead
You think redeeming
You think you are driving him away
They will not make it
He is there
The itching is there
Overgrown wounds tear
They are out of control
They will not make it
To fight against him
You do not feel pain
The moment is not there
He is there
Bird 1d
Only you can feel how the other feels
They do not talk to each other
They do not know each other for long
But you feel his thoughts
Thoughts of the soul
Bird 2d
Your radiate on my skin
So warm
So beautiful
I feel you
I love you
I enjoy you
Bird 2d
He is such a friendly being
He is such a nice person
He has a lot of people in him
He has many personalities
He is different
He is different from everyone else
He is lonely
He has friends.
I hope good friends who help him and do not take advantage of him.
He is sad
He is lonely
He is musical
He sings so wonderfully
He is peaceful
He is happy
He he he
I like him very much

Even if we only write.
Even if I write his personalities
I hope he does not forget me
Bird 7d
You have
You felt her
You felt the tablets
You took the risk
You have felt the side effects of the tablets.
You were painless
So short
Too short
A day
You felt good
You cry in you
They do not show it
They are silent in pain
They do not show how you are
I am you
You are me
Bird 7d
It is tomorrow
Smells like freshly brewed.
I feel it
It smells aromatic strong
My coffee
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