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What you think Sun flower has to do with other planets revolving around the Sun. Huh! It really **** cares. It only knows that Sun is its whole universe, its energy,its life and thats the only thing which matters. It moves where Sun moves.
Does it matter?
And when the flesh burns as we both touch
I knew I was the ocean trying to love
The fire.
Hafza Awan Nov 7
I wish to be your figurine
Craft me with your hands,
mold me in your colors,
the colors that you adore
take mine and give me your heart
then breath in me your soul
make me whole
take hand in hand
and lets rock together
  Nov 7 Hafza Awan
The day that I lost you
I didn’t think I’d survive
But I’m all buds and blooms now
Watch me thrive
  Nov 7 Hafza Awan
BJ Donovan
Priced as marked or best offer.
    Some damaged more than others.
    A small tear
    a workplace affair
    a bigger tear
    a torrid affair with broken promises
    devastated barely pumps
    he always cheated and blamed her
    blown out selling for parts
    he betrayed and took the kids
    she overdosed and stabbed her heart
    for good measure. Tears roll down
    but can never make things right.
  Nov 7 Hafza Awan
When I can't say them, I write them
And when I write, I am consumed
in the beauty of written expression.

so often taken for granted
Yet these are my saving grace
Written words are my therapy.
I have often found it easier to express myself in writing as opposed to talking.
  Oct 27 Hafza Awan
Katja Pullinen
I am imperfect.
It's just because I'm human.
No one win, no one loose.
No one better than another.
We just all so different.
And that is so perfect.
I am not perfect in all this perfection. I don't aspire to be perfect. No body perfect and that's okay.
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