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How can I make certain that my dentist is clean & trustable? Wash-
ing your dentist daily is 1 way. Don't forget to wash with his snake-
skin scales and not against them. Provide your dentists with a solid,
dry stone, a nice nest & healthy baby rodents: voles, moles & mice.
(comparative more trustable, superlative most trustable)

Capable of being trusted; trustworthy.
trust +‎ -able
Of course it makes your *** wobble! It's ***-wobble lotion!
"Remember, brush your teeth twice per year and see your dentist after meals," the patient diesel **** mechanic told Tanya who was totally shagged out after a long squawk because of indeterminate gender fluidity.
I thought that the rope was too tight,
but you know how rope salesmen are.
There was an amazing dog that could amazingly read books. I
wanted to meet this dog. I drove 1,600 miles as fast as I could.
I killed several people. Finally I arrived at the dog's house.
   "May I please see the dog that can read books?"
   "He's over there," the dog's owner said.
   "See that shredded paper? Follow the shredded paper!"
   There were many cubic yards of shredded book pages. I broke
into a trot. I had arrived. There he was: THE DOG! The dog
was tearing up a large book. "Hey mister! Your dog's
tearing up that book. Why's he doing that?"
   "What a dumb-*** question!" The dog's owner sniped.
"He always tears up books after he's read them!"
   "Oh, yes of course," I said as if that was the most
logical thing that I had ever heard in all my life.

“How long did it take you to gather the turds to build this house?”
“Four years. The first year I was working with the small **** output of a 6-pound mongrel. I calculated that at the rate he produced turds, it would take 97 years to have all the turds needed for a 1 story D.T.H.”
“Dog **** house.”
“You were saying?”
“Yes, anyway, I knew that I needed more turds and to get them I would need bigger dogs that shat more frequently.”
“That makes sense.”
You possessive the naked qualities that I look for in a woman with-
out pants on. I act stupid, but it's okay. I don't mind it. I loved a lost
1 & I lost a loved 1 & then I faked profound deafness to get charity
when I was merely blind & then I fished for trout without a fishing-
license knowing that I would be fined & then I sold Austrian string-
bikinis to German land-whale women living along the River Rhine.
I love you most with buttered toast.
Your teeth look tired. I'll chew for awhile.

I'm all begotten wrong by a long
Hong Kong sing-song Tong.
19h · 24
(1) The Shaw brothers founded South Seas Film Studio. (2) True table grapes are availed to vintners —grapes that are table-shaped. (3) Nassau moves to the Bahamas. (4) A rat-faced baby is born on a cliff in New Jersey. (5) Nikola Tesla invents puberty. (6) The United States becomes the home of the land that's free of the brave.
"scire" meaning "to know."

Science is Human knowledge and nothing more.
Human adults have brains that weigh 3 pounds.
People who believe that 3-pound brains are brains
enough, to fathom the interactions between
white phagocytes & the aluminum
salt in “vaccines,” aren't very brainy.
19h · 33
Sheeple must NEVER
question the experts when it comes to vaccines,
birth control devices, Chinese dog food or tires!!!

WIKI: The Firestone and Ford tire controversy was a period of unusually high failures of P235/75R15 ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT tires installed on the Ford Explorer and other related vehicles.
The tire failures are linked to 271 fatalities and over eight hundred injuries in the United States with more injuries and fatalities occurring internationally,[1][2] it led Bridgestone/Firestone and Ford Motor Company to recall and replace 23 million tires, it cut the market value of Bridgestone/Firestone in half,[3] Firestone closed the Decatur, Illinois factory where the tires were manufactured, several executives in Bridgestone and Ford resigned or were fired, it led Congress to pass the TREAD Act,[4] and it brought an end to the nearly 100 year corporate relationship between Ford Motor Company and Firestone.

The Dalkon Shield was a contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD) developed by the Dalkon Corporation and marketed by the A.H. Robins Company. The Dalkon Shield was found to cause severe injury to a disproportionately large percentage of its users, which eventually led to numerous lawsuits, in which juries awarded millions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages.
“Silly woman, have you no towels in these rooms?”
   “I-I-I,” she stammered, while catching her breath, “I
have not been slapped so brusquely. No man has dared.”
   “I dare! Now, where's that younger sister of yours? Stay in
school kids! It's the law! Let's not **** everybody...not just yet...”
Although I hate truck-drivers I have found their tales of
blood & mayhem consoling. How many songs have
been composed in their honor? Who has the courage
to deny a truck-driver's romantic overtures? Is
killing a truck-driver worse than
killing a biker? Should I
invite truck-drivers to my
house regularly or
what? If
I **** a
will I
be remorseful
or what?
[Cops don't know
the law. They
enforce the law.]
We drown like Cuban rafters in the Florida Straits or old socks in a
horse trough that were never mates. You punched me in the kidney
when I was *******, by mistake, your identical twin sister Heather
who requires horse whips, chain mail, acid baths & kipskin leather.
We drown like Cuban rafters in the Florida Straits
or 2 socks in a horse trough that were never mates
20h · 24
Lively Days Dead
Frilly sinner Olivia Newton John, where's my really thinner Bolivia
crouton gone? I shoved it in the oven or jammed it up the governor,
while his need for lunarian ore made him a gubernatorial love-boor.
Let our sentiments reflect race-hatred as we hold all white
men responsible for the actions of a few. Meanwhile, let us
utilize white man's technology as we lament tearfully about
how wonderful things were in the woods amongst the naked
savages prior to Columbus's arrival on Cat Island in A.D. 1492.
Hammer-shaped hands confuse my hand-shaped hammers on my 8
tongue and groove boards. Wild measles mean: prostate explosion,
shriveled tongue, sinus avulsion, Coast Guard attacks in Nantucket,
in the steady hours of midnight-to-nine when truckers must truck it.
"Remember, brush your teeth twice per year and see your dentist after meals," the patient diesel **** mechanic told Tanya who was totally shagged out after a long squawk because of indeterminate gender fluidity.
As naturally as two follows one & three precedes four, “atheism” accompanies an intellectual declivity in the populace-at-large.
The mysteries of India provide to we Western-types the gift
of neem oil, coveted for its rat-abortifacient/lice-killing qualities.
Let me think for you. It will be mucho easier that way. Our drought
will destroy mighty rivers. You are so nice. Let us promise together
to be non-*** buddy close cousins for many years till you die from
A.I.D.S. in Denver on vacation across the breadth of our icy nation.
is still successfully regulating his bowel movements, and there's nothing wrong with that. There will be more on this tomorrow. There are clues to his mastery over elimination in his mega-hit songs “Baby, I'm Amazed,” “Someone's Knocking on the Door” and “The Crap Song.”
2d · 27
Insomnia Cure
⚡️ Cut back on red meat & cane sugar. Take 500 m.g. of flush-
free niacin (vitamin B3) with each meal (never on an empty
stomach) and your insomnia will disappear and you'll
experience longer periods of profound R.E.M. sleep.
Your love goes either way and is loving and decent
   Recognizing not the mores of a Moslem's Faith,
      the Holy Koran or anything religiously recent
Cigarette-smoke damages the respiratory system. The damage done to respiratory tissue requires the production of healing cells known as trophoblasts. Trophoblasts, pre-embryonic cells, & healing cells are indistinguishable. The healing process must be checked (stopped). The substance that stops the healing process is Amygdalin, sometimes referred to as vitamin B17. (Laetrile is the pharmaceutical rendering of naturally-occurring Amygdalin as refined from apricot kernels.) Hydrocyanic acid-rich Amygdalin is found in 1,200 types of fruit seeds, grasses, leaves, etc.
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In 1968
the Beatles, in utter desperation, voted on who would ****** and marry the alluring Japanese impressionist Yoko Ono ***. John Lennon won (or lost) and set about the task of wooing and drugging Yoko into submission. Two minutes after marrying her in Gibraltar John Lennon used his enormous influence to have 3 members of "Yoko's Band of Screaming Nipponese Weirdos" killed. Naturally, Yoko was crestfallen.
2d · 30
...hit & miss...
Once something is suppressed there's no falling back on hind
legs. The conspiracy involving the assassination of autocrat
Lincoln would lay the foundation for the hits on Garfield,
McKinley, Harding & J.F.K., and possibly F.D.R. Here
then history unfolds in its repetitive cycle of hit & miss.
Revealing my network of snitchers who
spy for me would only make you yawn.
2d · 22
For Annushka...
“Fill the ****** up! Fill the ****** up!”
“What are you yelling about?”
“Fill the ****** up! Fill the ****** up!”
“Fill what up?!”
“I don't know. I just answered an ad that said: 'Now
hiring people who are willing to yell: Fill the ****** up!'”
I want to live in a world where waitresses only eat pork sandwiches
on Friday; a world that rewards dogs with dog treats made of kitten
livers; a world where retired bus drivers are drowned in cold rivers.
2d · 102
A Normal Future
My ancestors are dead. They remain as ancestral specimens interred far & wide. There are no viable ancestral human relics to confirm Darwin's contention that there has been an excruciatingly-slow simian-to-human transmogrification of our species. So far, the Western world's producers (tax-payers) have spent countless billions of dollars promulgating a pro-eugenics' "science" with 4-color illustrations & plaster-of-Paris models of pan-headed, proto-human freaks. The ultimate goal of evolutionism is to destroy traditional Western Civilization.
A bikini for your thoughts. Oh, I was just thinking about...wait!
You'd give me your bikini if I tell you what I'm thinking?! Sure.
After I wasted all that money on dinner?! Some people say that
it's *** for 2 men, covered in chocolate sauce, to wrestle naked
on a water bed. Some people just don't understand.
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