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I am powerful
I am an honor and owner of my life.
I am knowledgeable
I am wisdom
I am courageous
I am who I am.
Remember when, he
Called me on that rooftop night,
Just checking, to make sure
I got in—pulled me in for half a hug.
Joined me for a dance,
Thought about the time he
Told me that I’m so fun.
One last night out,
Young and free, before
Careers kick in and reality sets in.
It ended before I knew it,
On the car ride home,
Thinking about what coulda been,
He tells me he’s crying,
Begging me to stay—but
Saying yes is not an option.
Remembering when I found out,
He was reading the book I had,
Or felt he that fire in chest,
About our political crisis,
in a way like me,
In a way I hadn’t seen yet.
Spending so long settled in
The idea of a man lesser than &
Surprised to find the joy
In expanding my horizons,
Learning about my self imposed limits,
Watching them crumble in,
Realizing I am capable of
Every bit of the life I wanna live.
Found solace in the similar ways we think,
A sketchbook of drawings,
Connecting each & every limb,
Far far away
from spaced repetition.
Death by a thousand cuts
Ambition, something else
That I didn’t think I was looking for.
You took me by surprise,
Chelsea boots in that kitchen,
Didn’t ask me where i was from.
Between the bridges and lights,
Guitar riffs playing in the back
You grabbed my hand,
Spun me round, drink in another.
Kinda hated the smell of your breath,
The way you patted me on the head.
When you begged me to stay,
Under the night sky, every sway.
I dream in technicolour,
Standing between the green green grass
I look up at a rose painted sky.

This world shines bright,
Glistens like a blue sea
Reflected by the warm sun.

I’m surrounded by myself,
And I look happy
Happy to be home.

I dream in Technicolour,
So I close my eyes.

Feel the warmth kissing my cheeks,
Lulling me into its soft embrace.

I dream in Technicolor,
And I’ll never go back to black and white.
It used to be so easy for me to write how I feel,
But now I constantly scribble, erase, and rip out that piece of paper addressed to you.

I used to feel safe expressing my emotions,
Today I constantly bite my tongue, smile, then nod, and leave what is on my mind unsaid.

The last thing you said was that you only came to say goodbye,
It just hurt because after all we been through we didn’t even bother to try.
if i found the right words to say... i would have said it, but i  honestly did not want to beg you to stay. i wanted you to stay because you wanted to.
everyone's going to hurt you, but how willing you are to forgive that that person worth it?
Let’s learn a Social Science subject called Philosophy
Here we learn human principles & dignity
There are philosophies from the east & the west
You are to choose which one is the best
Aside from those two, there is an in-between
Golden Ratio & Third Way can also be seen
Even our Lord Jesus is a philosopher
His principles are adhered almost everywhere!

*SSN Poems
My Poem No. 550
Putting my hands over my ears
Intent on blocking the world's clamour
Once again alone with you
In this darkness of the voice within
Your sweet existence in my head
Saying 'I love you'
Caressing my name
Singing songs I'll never forget
For once, I just want to get lost
Carried away by things that don't exist
Forever walking in a dreamlike trance
Hand in hand with you
To this fabricated reality of our joint souls
Hallucinations, are you?
There are no tears underwater
"Red nails, like roses
Purple fingers, flowering,
Bruises fed to bloom,

The more you let the darkness grow,
the less there is of you."
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