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Remember how shy you were when we first saw each other on that
Greyhound bus? You wouldn't show me your ******* because you
were so stuck-up. Remember? I just knew that you were in Georgia
illegally from Guatemala. You're so funny when you smuggle girls
into the U.S. Are you in a *** cult? It doesn't matter. You're a mar-
velous person who deserves free medical treatment and other stuff.
β€œNo chronic or metabolic disease has ever found cure or prevention, that is, real cure and real preventionβ€”except through factors essential to an adequate diet and/or normal to animal economy.”  β€” Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr.

"This is the scientific reality that the seeds of all common fruits (except citrus) contain Vitamin B17, an anti cancer vitamin. If we ingest proper quantities for these vitamin either in the pure form or through ingesting the nitrilosidic foods we will be able to prevent cancer just as surely as we are able to prevent Scurvy by the use of vitamin C or Pernicious Anemia by the use of vitamin B12." β€” Ernest Krebs, Jr.
Well, I came home and found my rat on the floor, stunned! Stunned?! How did that happen? I don't know but I think that my boyfriend Timmy used Rat-Stun on him, because I found an empty can of Rat-Stun by my rat's stunned body. What does Timmy say? I haven't spoken with him. He left 2 hours ago for a Rat-Stun convention in Chicago.
Bowel movements can be timed and accommodatingly
spaced between, during and after meals. Adventurous
people, Vikings & Obama's ***-kissers, will take
a dump in a pizza box like it's no big deal.
Michael Obama is a woman, he really isn't.
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