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I skip by the lake with a cranberry rake. I speak Malayo-Polynesian
languages with paramecia & bacteria. I worship Jesus sans hysteria
with Jesuits from Bulgaria. I recall you from 80 tragic dreams that I
had with middle-America malaria that I'd caught in ancient Algeria.
I could travel by train, cook dogs in the rain, place hot compresses on a sprain & dump a fortune down the drain. Now that I know the secrets of financial-interdependent success, I'm not telling you. Your body is a car. Put gasoline in it and it'll run well; fill it with ice cream & salmon cake and it will explode. โŒโŒโŒ
Crystal & I hiked through the Adirondacks when we were
in high school. 1 day we were attacked by a bear. Crystal
karate-chopped the bear in the knee and the bear died.
thin is better than fat
tall is better than short
not being bald is better than being bald
a smooth complexion is better than a pocked complexion
young women are more attractive than old women
clean is better than *****
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