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β€œHave my stale jelly doughnut. The bleached white cane sugar will
cure you just like good old Selsun Blue Medicated Dandruff Sham-
poo cured me of the infectious Hong Kong pig flu,” pig-faced Toby
remarked, honed & fit like a huge pig that just took a huge pig-****.
Martha arched her back, β€œI love to **** this way after Mardi Gras.”
β€œThat makes no sense,” Toby told Martha who never wore a bra on
Tuesday. β€œWhy do you **** transients?” Martha asked as she was
insane. β€œBecause they are hard up for money,” Toby answered with
sincerity. β€œThat is what always kills me,” Martha intoned while she
scratched her blonde ***, β€œyour sincerity about ******* transients.”
Are your chicken legs boneless?
How do they walk?
With much difficulty.

Are your chicken bones legless?
Why do they squawk?
I'm not telling you!
is to destroy traditional Western Civilization.

Chicken? Fish? What's the difference? One swims and one
doesn't swim so well. Hepburn was a ****. The married
dipsomaniac Spencer Tracy was a ruse. Why would
he want to waste valuable drinking-
time with a lesbian anyway?
You got a marker?! Write ******* across my face!
Channel 9's outside looking for me. They can't show
my face on T.V. with ******* written across it!
They all look alike in the end.
Something just fell out of your chick. You better eat it.
Is it an egg?
I don't know.
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