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Tim Kearns Aug 2019
outside the bedroom window
speckles of white clouds
upon the ending sky
the vanity of my blue eyes
along her dark naked flesh
the sounds of late summer echoing
through our candled rooms
the curtains parted
the air heavy with moisture
our clothes strewn about
the hardwood floor again
a sheen of sweat
traced upon our entwined bodies
our souls abraded with
the delirium of love
  Aug 2019 Tim Kearns
Abdallah Osman
We lay in bed
Touching once a while
I take a bold step
Turned down
But is it one of those intros
Can't tell

I take a step back
But then then she takes a step forward
I'm confused
If there's a middle can we meet there?

If I could read her mind
I feel her heart beat uneven
Interpreted as nervousness
I could be wrong
But if I could read her mind.
  Aug 2019 Tim Kearns
Lovelyn Eyo
Life's just a dream
    Have you ever wondered
    Have you ever pondered
    How to live this wonder
    Within its border
Live your dream
    On the inside first
    Unclad every cloak of fear
    With the switch of
     determination & freedom
The life of your dreams
    Would surely reflect out brightly

Through your dreams
Live your life
Live your dreams

A simple quote
For a healthy simple life
I wrote
Tis A dream
A life

Tim Kearns Jul 2019
It was only after Father left us
that we understood what he had never told us.
  Jul 2019 Tim Kearns
Bo Tansky
I am an artist
I am not
Painting with oils and with words
Painting arranging itself on a blank canvas
Words stumble and fall into calligraphed stanzas
I am only an artist when I am not
Words, dare I say my
If I’m lucky and don’t try
Favorite colors falling from a rainbow sky.
  Jul 2019 Tim Kearns
Maybe it's not
The world's best idea
To drive down today
And go to a **** beach
Let's not go there.
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