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 Jun 2020 You
Darian Marie Dalton
Control is an illusion,
that I thought I could master.
I tried hard and fell harder.
my happiness took a hit,
and my motivation took a plunge.
Here I stand realizing,
I haven't felt alive in a long time.
 May 2020 You
Candle candle, in the air,
Where is your flicker,
Where is your flare?

Candle candle, in the dark,
Do you believe with all your heart,
That you and your light will never part?

Candle candle, in the night,
Do you not scoff at the sight,
Of the darkness that surrounds you?

Candle candle, light so small,
Do you not have one single flaw?
Nothing to hide, it only reflects off the nearby wall.

Candle candle, why do you flicker?
Do you barely hold on and hinder,
While bearing the cold harsh winter?

Candle candle, of golden warmth,
Why is it so easy to love, to adore,
All you are that shines brightly on the floor?

Candle candle, flame of bright,
Why so humble and yet reach for heights,
No one admires or sees, for we all are blind?

Candle candle, why so faint?
You have endless beauty of flame,
And no match to light it, only pain.

Candle candle, in my dream,
Tell me, are the things I see,
Things of old or present reality?

Candle candle, in my head,
Is the flame of my heart,
The one fire I haven’t lit yet?

Candle candle, tell me now,
Where to give up, when, and how,
So I can leave the dark and shine bright.

Candle candle, show me how,
To light my spark and take a bow,
For the candle’s voice is a small sound.

Candle candle, on the wall,
Let me glide and let me fall,
This is my choice, it’s not your call.

Candle candle, why so hot?
Draw me close just for a shot,
To see what it would’ve brought?

Candle candle, pull me close,
Tell me all, I want to know,
So that you will never hit a low.

Candle candle, listen dear,
Life is too short for sadness or fear,
Regrets, pain, or makeup-filled tears.

Candle candle, I know it’s hard,
You were never warned you would get this scarred,
And put up with the things of the dark.

Candle candle, cherish what you have,
And never even try to look back,
There are only lost memories that take what you had.

Candle candle, you were thrown out,
Rejected with force and left with doubt,
Of your flame that still yearns to shout,

Candle candle, here I stand,
Take all of me, take all that I am.
It’s my turn to play in love’s final band.
 Apr 2020 You
 Apr 2020 You
Fragments of time,
Numbing my mind,
It grips my body,
Keeps me behind,
And lost in the mirror,
I see a disguise,
That’s hiding the hurt found deep in my eyes,
A veil,
A trail,
To lead to the pain,
The light,
A fight,
To keep me sane,
Trying to breathe,
Trying to think,
Then it all draws back,
I pause,
I blink,
Safe for now,
No longer a track,
No longer a trace of the panic attack.
Poem about my panic attacks...
 Mar 2020 You
is sorry really hard to say
this little word a breath away
apologise and except the blame
it isnt hard. there is no shame

a word to use to make amends
to your self and all your friends
its such an easy thing to do
just a word that comes from you.
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