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Ashley AR Jul 14
I gave you My heart
But you trapped my body
I wasted my tears
You wasted your words
I fell for your soul
But you just needed my physicality

I just wanted someone to protect my shattering soul but you leave it to burn in the scorching sun

Now am like a human zombie for others
Food for the lions
Enemy of myself
Just because of the spell you used is called LOVE
Ashley AR Jul 12
You’re an explainable beauty
As the creator has used its best materials in the making of you
I haven’t seen like your type before
When I see you my heart beats fast
Like am running a race and I don’t take last
Words can’t be used to define your beauty neither the greatest painting of  Picasso nor the colors of the rainbow

And who I am to describe your beauty  as I don’t know from where to start......

Your beauty captured my eyes
Your heart captured my soul

And now am enslaved to you with loyalty like : a dog to its master
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Ashley AR Jul 12
Alone in my space
Mirrors reflecting your face
Dreams shattered
Family broken
Love gone
Thousands of hotel rooms but you’re arms feels safest
The road I chose feels endless
But still I hope some lights because if you won’t hold me in you’re arms....

Ashley AR Jul 12
Feelings can be express by my heart
Actions can be done for you
But would please give me a little space room in your heart
Where I can reside my entire life loving you being your sole heart beats provider  fighting for your beautiful life
Ashley AR Jul 12
Beautiful stories are often read in books
And beautiful lies are often recited by humans

Sadness = happiness
Love  = ***
Fate = Time
Us = slave

In the end we all dies for some reasons
Ashley AR Jul 12
Her lies may hurt
Her smile may deceive
Her eyes may be lethal
The love may be fake
But the moments are unforgettable as the world she built gave me the taste of paradise and hell at the same time making me a prisoner of her jail where the bars was her love and the keys was her lies.
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Ashley AR Jul 12
The best love story is narrated by good writer
With the help of the most broken heart love story and the finishing of a romantic poet
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