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Katie Feb 2021
I’m broken
Tell you I’m fine
But you wouldn’t believe me
If you knew the things that cross my mind
Katie Feb 2021
It’s hard to realize just how short life is until someone dies.
It’s hard to realize how great something or someone is until you lose them.
Katie Feb 2021
How do I tell myself:
That quitting is not an option
That ending my life will not solve problems
That I am not burden
That my mind tells me lies
That I am worth it.

I don’t know, but I’m trying.
I’m in a hole and the only way out is to pull myself up
Katie Nov 2020
One time I was asked “are you better yet”
I just stared at them
But really I wanted to yell
And tell them mental health issues are not temporary
Katie Nov 2020
I feel so lost
Like I’m being ripped in two
Halfway being dragged down a dark hole
Halfway being watched by you
you watch from a distance
Never asking how I am
You pretend that you care
But everytime I need you you are nowhere
Katie Oct 2020
Once upon a time there was a ****** up king.
He wore a fake crown and took all of everything.
The king sat high on his throne full of hurt.
While all his peasants just moped in the dirt.
With his army he’d won many a battle.
But this one, this one was different.
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put HIM back together again.
For HELP he would scream both day and night.
But why would we help him? He’s the king with all his might.
So his peasants just left him on the floor to yell and bleed.
He’d be fine or so it seemed.
Then one day they realized their FATAL mistake.
The king, now dead, burned HIMSELF at the stake.
Katie Oct 2020
I texted you because I needed someone.
You texted me back two days later.
I just saw this you said.
I’m so sorry you said.
I’m falling. Slipping. Sliding. Into a deep dark hole.
I just want to feel heard.
I just want to feel seen.
I just want to feel anything at all except pain.
I just want to feel anything at all except empty.
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