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I watched the fly buzz about
just before I fell asleep

then I dreamt about a planet
ruled by giant caterpillars,
which might have been
a form of hyperreality

I also saw a burial mound
and a handful of flowers
but I don’t know what that means

when I woke
the fly asked my advice on death
even though I thought that insects
(even those with functional wings)
aren’t supposed to understand
the concept of mortality

before I could reply
he said I knew nothing of the world
and flew away

so much for human primacy
What would happen if the moon leaked?
Would there be a luminous canal
that flowed with moon milk?
Would we be able to bathe in
a shimmering pool of silver?
Henry Bladon Jul 19
The failed kiss left a trail of lip gloss
across a canvas of unending emptiness

like a memory dragged from between the
pages of a second-rate novel.

Her cries were a tune that knocked at the door
but failed to pierce his tone-deafness.

He watched on but then sensed guilt
that he alone could have caused such a thing.
Henry Bladon Jul 13
You call it impartiality,

but is it the calculated coldness inside you
that creates that sense of misplaced fairness
which means you treat everyone in the same
negative way regardless of their circumstances?

I call it duplicity.
Henry Bladon Jul 6
In the skip
lies a rusty bike in faded red
a carpet stained and a broken bed
- in the skip
some rotten wood from a leaking roof
all of which is evident proof
of the transience of things
Henry Bladon Jul 4
No moon in a milk-flavoured sky
just a feather suspended in a summer current
leaving just enough room for breathless uncertainty.

A long-play memory in a looped feedback.

Waves arrive in an endless repetition  
from an ocean full of oversized drops
as eyes open to see nothing but shades of blue.
Henry Bladon Jun 24
I ran my finger across the edge of the paper.

Now that I had her attention
I could tell her about her
hermetically sealed heart

She didn’t understand.

I put my finger in the
salt and it created red spots
and I said that’s how it feels being with you.

She didn’t understand.

I said my life is a rainy car park
and I'm going to drive someplace else.
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