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In my hands lies the answers you sought but never found
The pleas you let out but were never heard
The love you gave but never received
Promises that were made but never fulfilled.
I decided to write back to you so that you may find peace in knowing the reasons why.
So in my hands I hold the letters you never received.
Imagine what it would feel like if all the questions you had about life answered, the reasons behind everything that has happened to you til this day. I ask myself if it will ever bring closure, to question life or what will change after that.
Beloved do you realize that the voices in our heads have stopped talking to us, they have seized to remind which way we should go, have you noticed that the melodies that played no longer exist, they gave in when we started listening to the world and the voices in it.
Looking back now,  I see how much we have changed, we became mirror images of the world, we can’t even recognize ourselves, yes we can’t, because we are broken and never to be mended again.

They killed our conscience!
It got away before I had a chance to see it for what it truly was.
Troubled by thought, till this day I still wonder what it could have been.
Zizile Tantsi Jun 13
When you forget the meaning of life beloved, look onto the sun for guidance, so that you may have hope and in that you will find peace, look at it as it sets in the horizon as if it were never return. but as the moon disappears back into the sky, it remembers that it is a source of light and comes out to shine once more.
Because of the pain you have endured, forget not beloved, the beauty that is still in the world, anxiously waiting to be unleashed by a spark of hope. Forget not beloved that hope is life and what life may one have without it.
As cliche as it might sound we go through different seasons in our lives, be it heartaches,turmoil or just hardships. but we should never forget that there is light at the end of the tunnel. the sun sets in the horizon but comes back to reclaim its place as the moon disappears once more, so just like the sun dear beloved you too shall have your moment. nothing lasts forever and don't forget that there is still good left in the world.
Zizile Tantsi Jun 13
I had a dream last night, one where I was whisked away in the arms of a love.
A love so pure even angels envy it, Sweet like honey,
dripping from the top of my head, capturing the essence of my soul,
in doing so, moulding me and gently teaching me how to feel
A love that completes me and makes me whole. Listen, I dreamt of a love
An unconventional, but familiar kind of love.
One that doesn’t need to conform to what’s supposedly normal
But a carefree kind of love that is not subjected to rules but governed by free will, the will to love.
One that gives me hope and rids me of my burdens and in turn gives me peace and blissful happiness.
A love whose mandate is complete and utter contentment.
An unfamiliar yet pleasant warm feeling, I must confess.
But as the sun wakes to caress my skin in the morning, I slowly realise that it was just a dream, mere expansions of my deepest desires, longing to be fulfilled.
Zizile Tantsi Jun 10
Burn ash to the ground and take my soul with.
Burn ash to the ground, cause that’s the only way I’ll become one with nature.
Burn ash to the ground, cause my soul is restless, worrying about vanity and stature
How long have I been here I wonder, in this dim, four cornered prison of loneliness,
Made with concrete walls of empty promises, promises of happiness and completeness,
Promises that have turned to rubble, burned alongside my hope

Burn ash to the ground and take my dreams with.
As I witness my dreams rolling down a *****
Withering as they fade in the distance. Away from my eyes and away from my life.
I realise it was said before, but I just didn’t listen
They said I’ll be broken. I am now, so it was true
Forsaken, I cry out burn ash to the ground and take my life too.

For all has been said, all has been forgotten but the scars of yesterday are still marked on my skin.
The pain that living brought me still caresses my skin till this very day.
Burn ash to the ground for I am low and broken.
A soul begging to be mended, and made alive again
I watch as memories of a past life are collected, set alight by my pain,
I watch as they waste away in the palm of my hand turning to ash, as I try to keep them
My soul tearful as it listens to the world shouting Burn ash to the ground, for she doesn’t deserve happiness.

— The End —