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You dragged me to where a hundred bus drivers were. I was afraid.
My brother warned me about bus drivers when I was 23, about how
they hate ***** & about how they won't stop the bus to let you ***.
My aunt walks the streets. My oil reserves are depleted. They killed the Indians because they were stupid. **** shops launder money. People lose money buying stocks every day. Smoking cigarets is fun. I can't ride my bike because the seat's come off. I hate everyone. Some women sell friendship. I'd sooner eat weeds.
Love has always been most-prized in solid form,
but what about LIQUID LOVE?
Little Johnny knew all there was to know about physical, emotional & scholastic love, romance & the occasional happy accident. He was as experienced as any pupil in public technique. One day, during a poor excuse for daily instruction, a teacher came onto him in a curiously-****** way. "I don't know about this: *** between teacher & student? What will my parents say?"
   "Well I don't know. I'd better ask them tonight during wife-swap!"
   "Wife-swap?!" Gasped Johnny. "Are you sure?!"
   "Yes," said the teacher, "they're participants in state-wide wife-swapping!"
   "And that candle?"
   "Yes, it is just one of the many candles, cukes, wind instruments, pipes, carrots, cigars, love rods, we use to express our ---
   "Enough!" Yelled Johnny. "I'm so shocked & horrified by everything I've heard!"
   "Don't be," the teacher replied, "this is more common than you imagine it to be."
   "But how? I thought you were being teacherly."
   "I hate cigaret-smoking in all its forms, you know that Johnny."
   "Yes, I know." Johnny had to agree because it was the truth.

{Bend to my will pliable woman!} ---
"Women!" Balked the Jehovah's Witness, "were created by Jehovah."
   "They were created by Jesus' daddy as well as galaxies." Instructed the Catholic.
   "You're nuts, Jesus' daddy was more like a supervisor, white collar, than an itinerant worker!" Piped in the janitor.
   "Maybe," the Jeovist opined, "we can agree to disembowel the janitor."
   "I'm for that!" The Catholic exclaimed.
Mexicans are devoted friends. Once you befriend one
you're never alone because they will move in with you.
Hello, I'm Nig McJackson from Cuba and I'm here to take over as
the new interim secretary for Sector 7. Hi Nig. My name's ****
de Martin, Junior. You'll be working with me till my ***-change
and after that you will be working with me as another person.
You're a weird one! No I'm not.
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