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TimmyG Jan 11

Polyamory is not a lifestyle it’s an ethos a consensual way that  moves us to seek our desires....

Polyamory explodes the feelings of NRE, passion, affection without the constraints of the world or its norms of society.

Polyamory is love, envy, feelings, that motivates compersion, tolerance, acceptance and focus on love.

Polyam is a journey of You and I, our wants and needs to connect and walk together in love....


#polyam #polyamory #polylove
#poly #polyamory #polylove
TimmyG Dec 2019

The frequency of us resonates pure, the feelings not a joke it’s present we belong endure.

Deep the sound that my heart beats for you not distracted but awareness of what I have is sincere.

Intentions of my life revolve with you in mind, adventures, the passion my destiny remains with you.

Like cymbals my love is silently for you and the affection I will show is the lust I can’t resist you

TimmyG Jun 2019

Happiness all bundled up in you is the prize of excitement connecting that’s what we do.

Anticipation of your voice and whisper of passion ignites my imagination strong

Laughter the mode of play to get lost elated and the desire for us to belong

Jolly is the feeling of I can’t wait until we greet the morning as we jostled a night away

TimmyG Jun 2019

Take control of the darkness not the dark sway your feelings.  What you have are long over due

Excited afraid ponder that expressing self is good empowering and positive karma for you

Vexed happy and in disbelief to the power of occupancy can make you pent up emotions which is inevitable.

Resist to conform from the norms instilled break the mould let what hinders you be exposed as nothing new.

Embrace the now let go of past and thrive in the desires, the thoughts and actions of the present.

Take hold of perception and dictate the outcome through experience and interaction that will pacify life now.
TimmyG Jun 2019

Black is the colour a bad day comes to mind or the day people go mad buying online.

Black is the night we’re evil and danger lurks negative connotations that evoke the inert.

Black when beautiful is a pleasure to see illuminates, power, history culture of humanity.

Black is positive regardless of norms neutral defined intersectional and kind.

Black in essence is unique and refined a culture of mankind like alabaster solid and surreal.
TimmyG May 2019

Lust is the behaviour of pent up desire to ravish a person that arouses, connects moves you.

Lust is the look and wicked trick you keep to yourself and fantasy, imagine, want, more.

Craving hungry to give into your Lust can push you to fall of the wagon! It’s hurts sometimes it’s part of the plan.

***** ****** manages the Lust that over comes you and you explore, exhale feel the rush.

****** passion of Lust is part of us all, is devilish, delightful as longs as it’s good, to play to indulge in your private sin.

TimmyG May 2019

Time is precious as I’ve been told it can escape us if we stand still and pose.

Procrastination and taking our time can lead to problems that hinder our movement, goals and attainments.

Time is essential, limited and long the more you do now works out better in the long run.

Time when rushed is a dangerous occurrence our actions have weight that once completed are fixed.

Time is different in everyone’s eyes to me it’s a hurry, goes slow or is there to appease.

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