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May 2019 · 284
Praying Mantis
Pacheco May 2019
I kneeled
Like a Mantis,
In front of you.
I got on your back,
Like you wanted me to
I thought when you turned
That you'd make us a bed
But your mouth became red
And I knew I had misread
When you started eating
my head
May 2019 · 107
Checo Scissorhands
Pacheco May 2019
Like pieces of a broken mirror
My scissor,
Hands will cut you
To shreds
A chain mail vest
Would be the best
And a heart made
Of leather
To lay down
Before you rest
May 2019 · 139
What did you mean
Pacheco May 2019
A girlfriend told me one day
I want you stay away
You're not funny, you're not witty
And seeing you ruins my day.

I looked at her with surprise
Especially when in my eyes
I have been nothing but spice
All sweet and peppery and

She said you're selfish
And smell like shellfish
Think only of yourself
Better than everyone else

She said that I was mean
Not good or even between
Said I acted like a teen
The worst person she's ever seen

I was aghast in despair
When she said to grow a pair
I said to her how do you dare
To question my manly flare

She also said I was vain
That I put poison in her veins
That my love making was lame
And her ******* were feigned

For years I worked on my faults
Making betterment my goal
Doing the best that I know
And making the less of me more

I found her dressed as a bunny
calling some one else her honey
Of all the things that you mentioned
I asked her this big one question
Please entertain my intention
What did you mean Im not funny
May 2019 · 168
On diets
Pacheco May 2019
A diet of cigs
And tea
Keeps me thin
To my knees
I don't fear
A growing belly
Taking over with
Its jelly
And don't feel the need
To dive
Face first
Into fat linguini
My heart
May not fully approve
And my lungs
May look like prunes
But hey!
I'm witty
Fast like a whip
And skinny.
Pacheco May 2019
I held a seed in my hand
Of a Sequoya buried in sand
All that I could ever see
Was already in that
Tiny seed
We are all stars
You and me
You see?
If we ever turn
The key
And let ourselves
To fly free
To be what we're meant
To be.
May 2019 · 82
Pacheco May 2019
There once was a man from Nantucket
He tore off the doors from his closet.
He left in a shirt
Came back in a skirt
And told everybody to
Not worry about it
May 2019 · 891
Dream peddler
Pacheco May 2019
I sold her a bag of dreams
It had a hole at the bottom
She gave me winter and spring
Summer and most of her Autumn
I left her not looking back
Standing there
Clutching tightly
An earful of sorry stories
And a bottle of Bacardi
May 2019 · 56
Dignity and Pride
Pacheco May 2019
Dignity and pride
Went to the fields
One day
They found need and poverty
Cross the way
Dignity laid down at once
Pride just up and
Ran away.
May 2019 · 65
Everybody is good
Pacheco May 2019
Everyone's good
Everybody cares
When they show you the face
Upon which
they want
You to stare
Everyone's nice
Everyone's sweet
Everyone's gentle
Most of all me.

Nobody's bad
No one is evil
Everyone's regal
nobody slobbers
Nobody lusts
No one is greedy
Nobody is needy
Nobody slaughters
Least of all, me.

— The End —