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Boys will always be boys
So you’re allowed to be a creep
Treat women as your toys
Don’t let anyone see you weep

Man up, pick some fights
There’s nothing as get a kid hit
Bully away someone’s light
Do that and I promise you’ll fit

Just be cool, society got your back
As long as you paint your soul in black
And never forget to wear your mask
Inspired by my own sick childhood and the doccumentary "The Mask you Live in", which a very dear friend recommended.
Arrow Jun 4
Overhead is the firmament
With a thousand fulgent stars
In front of its pulchritude
I am nothing but impussant
looking up at it
Only brings back the sorrow
Because it's so beautiful
And so were we.
  Jun 3 Arrow
Hell is a beautiful confusion
With sinners who did what their desires told them
We consider them bad people
but isn't it all about doing what you like?
After all, we all live once, and a great sin means eternal life in the hereafter
and there's brutal pain.
Eternal pain.
Arrow May 27
It was just a dumb thought
But I couldn't shake it off
Like streams of water
Did my tears flew
I tried to stop
But did never realize
The more I turned away
The closer it got the next time
Arrow May 24
My sleep has been taken
Thinking of you I lay awake
I think of every thing we talk about
Of every word responsible for this sleepless night

But to be truthful
I would rather talk to you
Than ever closer my eyes again.
Arrow May 21
You once said
Your love for me
Will never die
That you would love me
For evermore.

And now you tell me
That it is all gone
That nothing is sempiternal
Nothing lives for eternal
Arrow May 19
I look at you ..........a lot
But when you look at me
I look away

I think of you ........a lot
But do you think of me?
Is what I wonder.

I love you  ..........a lot
And you love me
Is what you say
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