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 Dec 2020 Eliseatlife
like the dark winter sun
you return every morning
to my sky that you
left with darkness
just a short while ago.
- - -
but with your light
you forget to bring
the warmness
yet still, i stay
 Aug 2020 Eliseatlife
do not cross the ocean,
never sail the seven seas
if you want to never
want to see lands again like these

if you do decide to go
to step onto a boat
don't say i didn't warn you
that you'll always be afloat

don't say i didn't warn you,
don't say i didn't care
if you do become a pirate
it's not my fault, i swear.
 Jun 2020 Eliseatlife
I Rise
 Jun 2020 Eliseatlife
I fell a human
I will rise a human
And until I fall again
I will try
And they will know
Of this rising name of mine
Most fierce  

They fear me cause I rise
 Jun 2020 Eliseatlife
I'm feeling crazy
I miss you
where have you been

dear my friend
I think I'm feeling some way
I think I'm avoiding it
I swallow the feelings down

the butterflies I keep coughing up
they keep coming out

I don't feel safe
dear my friend
I hate you
this is all my fault
why do I love you so much
when did I love you this much

where are you now
are you okay
tell me is there anything you can say
I feel worse when you don't

I just want to sleep
I want to dream of you in my arms

dear my friend
this is my fault
don't ever come back
 Jun 2020 Eliseatlife
they come from all the words
left unsaid in our heads
blood from all the swords
bleach the paper red

they come from all the songs
left unsung in/at our wakes
from all our deathbed wrongs
till death do us part (for our sake?)

they come from all the paintings
left undone, hung upside down
stabbed into the wall, only waiting
for us to make our rounds

where do poems come from?
they come from us, to you
from you, to us,
from you, to you.
This community amazes me again and again. I love it here.
I found the only thing that helped
                          was to just go to sleep.

 Because if I didn't shutdown my mind
    It would surely take control.

All I ever wanted to do was dream,
           thought at least it wasn't real.

   But sleep never came easily to me,
yet it was what kept me alive.
I slightly opened up to you
but your face of smiles
turned to a face of tears.

That's when I knew that's
all you could ever know,
for the rest surely ****.
 Jun 2020 Eliseatlife
The smell of pine trees and the rain
Always makes me wonder
If I should have given us another chance
After that magical summer
Can I forgive myself for having surrendered?
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