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Aquilla 1d
When your not here there’s something missing
A mornings sunlight doesn’t warm my face
Silence echoes in a crowded place

Aquilla 2d
We are a problem
You and me
Taunted by proximity

Knowing love is there to take
A life and truth would we forsake?

Our worlds would burn and kin would weep
A loves embrace in fractured sleep

It’s not that life is good for now
In days we would not disavow

There’s deference in you and me
Shadowed by duplicity

Confided thoughts, guarded quips
Mask aching hearts and eager lips

The patient wait of love may be
The second hands

Aquilla 3d
Leave the window open
Let the rain come in
Stay with me a while
Your head under my chin

Aquilla 5d
Love them like it’s the first time
Hold them like it’s the last

Aquilla 5d
To much heart was trapped in a teardrop
A soul splintered into shattered glass

Aquilla 6d
If loving
Is dreaming
Promise me this
Wake me not lest
For your heavenly kiss

Someone once said that, "When you avoid the conflict to keep the peace, you start a war inside yourself."
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