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I wish I could breathe
Your words are crushing
Stop lying
Saying you were loving me
Some sort of love story
you've thought up in your head.
Darling you just hurt me,
soon I'll be dead.
My lungs are crippling,
crumbling like paper
Little tiny rips
in my skin with sandpaper
breaking me apart
so very slowly
this isn't love
I can tell,
because I'm so lonely.
idk. i was kinda sad when i started this. now im sad cuz i finished it.
i think that
without our shadows
we wouldn't know what we'd be like
with nothing but darkness inside of us
something i wrote on an envelope <3
it hurts to watch you stand alone
in a world turned into silent stone
i wanted you to be happy
i wanted you to be okay
but now you're on your own
every single day
i can't really stand it
this misery of mine
circulation cutting off
with a single piece of twine
it doesn't have to be me
as long as you're happy
you're too far away
and i've missed you all day
you don't have to toy with me
you're the only boy for me
i know there's someone out there
who will make you
just to see your velvety smile
your gone and im sick
someones gonna start throwing fists
******* people off is all i do
all i ******* want is you
so hard to be someone real
i hate these things i feel
stupid sentimentals
and im depressed
how am i supposed to be good enough for you
i miss you so much
im craving everything
i miss your touch
coloring on you skin
i wanna let you in
in heart
to see my soul
look in my eyes
i just miss you
Im kinda sad
It feels so bad
Im kinda lonely
I know im not lovely
I want to be happy
I want to be okay
I want to feel like
I want to see the next day
god my head is so ****** up
"am i a real poet?"

                                                       " is there such thing?"
a poets pen
with scarlet ink
paper thick
for blood to sink
roses fill
the empty space
while tears fill up
in the poets place
these shadows offended
they tease and they taunt
petals fall
as the roses fought
their darling dear
their poet's fear
as the shadows were out for blood
a poets own
to draw it from
skin pale like a rainy day
fiery hair
tangled in thorns
a poets pen
in a poets corpse
inspired from some outfits i saw. Enjoy ❤
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