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so many worlds
and i can't keep them at bay
now they're starting to get
and my words are only half
of what they want to say
I am falling in flowers
I am filling with flowers
I am always falling and filling - Flowers

Don't take my flowers
I need my flowers
Please, they're my flowers
Don't take and break my flowers!
Must you look at me
The way you do
When I am falling asleep?

It's all I can see
The green and the blue
And I know that I'm in too deep.
That shimmer
That glisten of my heart
Can't you see it's a mirror?
Oh, love, where do I start?
The world is dying
Can't you see?
It's so **** obvious.
All I want is to be free.
it won't be long
this time won't be too long
i promise it will not last forever.

but somewhere deep inside
wrapped in the darkness of my insides
i enjoy this mental desert - or whatever
You know, I love you to the farthest
Galaxy in our wide universe
And no scientist knows how far that is
No matter the distance they traverse.

I will love you til the sun turns white
And the stars begin to fade.
And when that time finally reached us
I'll even love you for a few more decades.
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