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Bill Johnston Jan 2020
expedition report:
earth off limits, protected by
canine sentinels
Bill Johnston Jan 2020
My love lost here,
but not there in
the worlds of if.
Bill Johnston Dec 2019
We were warm in the nestle of our curve,
a perfect fit.
We were skin to skin wrapped in silence
I held you once more then opened eyes and
you were gone.
I sighed your loss, but embraced you
once more.
We were warm in the nestle of our curve
between the worlds
Bill Johnston Dec 2019
black hole distortion
inside event horizon-
finally bankrupt
Sci fi
Bill Johnston Nov 2019
fine example
of Sinclair's fictional
character who has now become
a fact.
I am not a Marxist, although some ignoramous may call me a communist.
I am also not an immigrant, although the same uneducated person will probably tell to return my point of origin.
The majority seems to be unable to distinguish ideologies in the current climate.
Bill Johnston Nov 2019
I am alone, but not lonely.
In solitude, I feel the Other.
Deep inside the desert of self, I am rescued
by that small voice which rises above words.
I give thanks for the blessings bestowed on
me by that which I have lost.
Bill Johnston Oct 2019
I think I'm young,
know I'm the one,
with good looks too.
But then boo-hoo,
I look and see
who's  looking back at me!
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