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Tamanna Jun 21
Mocking I called
Fun that they thought
Ruminating that people would comprehend
Edifying them I suitably thought
But subtle they never got

More resonating my voice begun
Bolstering my nerves to stand strong
Ostracised I felt so
As never did the humiliation stopped

Cried I hard covertly everyday
Blaming the almighty the blemishes I got
Efforts I did to abrasive my flaws
Imbecile I was to pay heed to the nefarious thoughts
Now determined I stood against all the contemptuous thoughts
Now eluding I am all the intimidating thoughts
Tamanna Jun 13
Dreams that kept me urbane
Hopes that cherished my soul

Fantasies that locals couldn't fathom
Spirits that couldn't vellity me

Scruple's that led to reasons
Reasons to carry on

Life that never flabbergasted me
Verve that dissipated untimely

Discernment forfieted its way
Paison's who once supervene

Disoriented now they were
Muzzling as they now preferred
It's a piece about how reasons are important to live a meaningful life and how people change just by a failure in your life . So all that's important is to just at some point give importance to yourself and follow your hope and desires.

— The End —