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Sophia Aug 2020
And from my perspective of the stars, moon and Sun,
I knew that I'd loved you lifetimes before and lifetimes to come,
But just for this one,
Your path ventured away from mine,
Your lessons a burden, that my soul lay down,
And my soul hurts to know, that our dance is not now,
Until the next one,
Soul mate
Sophia Oct 2019

Beauty brought me nothing.
But pain,
But false hope,
But abuse,
But fake love,
But striving for perfection,
But never reaching it,
But betrayal,
But hatred,
But mistrust,
But anger,
But deception,
But attention,
But not the sort I wanted.

created through society,
brought me nothing.
So I created my own Beauty.
Sophia Oct 2019
Barefoot in the snow
She dances around,
Echoes of an orchestra,
Shake the particles that surround,
Dew drops that fall on
Flashes of white fabric
Pale skin
Cold, but warm with passion
Creating life
Through emptiness
The world stops to stare
And she dances.
sometimes, the only warmth in the world is the warmth we radiate from within.
Sophia Oct 2019
My beautiful deception,
Everything familiar,
Yours who’s skin is comfort on my fingertips,
Yours who’s eyes, I fathom to lose myself in,
Who’s pain runs so detrimentally deep,
That I could never comfort,
That I could never lose myself,
For the fear of losing all that I am.
But nevertheless,
Sophia Apr 2019
Close your eyes.
Now imagine all your potential.
Who you could be if this were not the case.
What you would do if that was not stopping you.
Where you would be if you didn't have to be here.
Now imagine all those obstacles.
And find a solution.
To overcome.
That is stopping you from reaching your potential.
A little reminder that you can achieve anything you want to in this life!
Sophia Apr 2019
Do not cement the bars of your own prison around you.
When will you wake up, and realise that your reality is false?
Restricted to what you have so far been taught it is.
Your potential is unlimited;
You are not your body,
You are infinite energy,
That infects whatever you do,
who ever you encounter,
whatever thought crosses your mind,
You can choose what type of energy you are.
Are you love?
Wouldn't it be uplifting to infect everyone and everything around you with this energy.
Wouldn't it be difficult to find darkness to hide in in a light filled room?
The moment you believe your energy is out of your control, is the moment you sacrifice reaching your ultimate potential.
Just a little reminder that you can achieve anything you want to in life, it starts within :)
Sophia Apr 2019
I found home
in the numbing sheath wrapped around my heart
covering it like the snow that hugs the hillsides in December
That I look upon and envy
For they are simply resting
Their snow shall melt, and they will be comforted by the warming rays of the winter sun,
They will flourish, bloom and serve their purpose.
I will wither, fade and be erased, bit by bit.
Sometimes the thought of letting down your guard, exposing yourself is terrifying. The power of negative thoughts.
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