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Kaja Oct 2019
The way
You hold my hand
Sets my soul
On fire
Kaja Sep 2019
Oh you, sunshine,
You came into
My life like a
On a summer morning
- the one that
Takes your breath
What did i do to deserve such a loving man
Kaja Sep 2019
You must be
God’s gift to me
How else could you
Make me feel
Like Heaven is
Down here
On Earth
Kaja Sep 2019
Your gentle
Makes me feel
You are
My first love
Kaja Aug 2019
I fell in love
With you
That night
When we were talking
Under the stars
And I made
You laugh -
That laugh
Set my heart on fire
Kaja Aug 2019
When you
Kiss me
My lips melt
Turn into
Kaja Aug 2019
I’ve been
In love before
But with you
I feel electricity
When you kiss
My lips
I feel butterflies
When you hold
My hand
The world around us
When you hold me
In your arms

With you
It’s different
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