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  May 1 Amyrah
Emily Miranda
Do you see the sadness behind my smile
the hurt behind my love
the pain behind my laugh
the tears behind my eyes
the broken behind the fixed
my heart behind the flesh
the screams under the tongue
the fear under the bravery
do you see me...the real me
Amyrah May 1
Stand or fall together,
I ll be yours forever.
And if there s beyond,
I ll be there too.
Amyrah Apr 30
They moved along the expanse of my back,
Nipping my skin here and there.
No matter how hard I tried it happens each night.
Wait, I was talking about those
"Bed Bugs".
What'd you think?
Lol, I know. That just came out of nowhere
Amyrah Apr 29
Into the dense canopy of a bamboo forest.
It smelt of spring on the summer leaves.
A silence accompanied our little stroll,
Each word we spoke came back as in form of an echo.
A full moon looked down on us, the breeze blew bringing hints of muted snow.
I leaned into his shoulder and thought "this was too good to last"
Amyrah Apr 25
My mess,
somehow became ours.
I m glad you were along.
Amyrah Apr 23
No matter what you'd have to say
Your heart ll eventually leap to the choices, you missed to make.
Amyrah Apr 23
No matter how far I go, I d come back to you,
No matter who says no, I ll still belong to you,
No matter what, I m never letting go of you.
Happy year one, for the more to come.
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