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My spirit of freedom
prevents me from following the herd.

I may be alone or
may be with few.

I will wage a fierce battle,
I don’t hesitate to risk my life.


the wise and brave,
always remains with the truth.
Good night my love

Let my serenade
under the moonbeam
assert our genuine love

Summer is over
Autumn heralds

We will sit
under the maple tree

Playing with the foliage
of yellowish orange, and plan our future
My special feelings,
always haunts me.

No one to part with,
as they may not like it.

To whom,
I may share,

Burden of my thoughts,
suffocate my heart.

Found the best alternate,
Jotted down my feelings.

I wrote them.
I read them again and again.

It’s ever living.
Only for me.

When I fold the diary,
I conceal my hidden thoughts.
Phase of life
Series of happenings
Good and bad
Happy and sad
Funny and tragic
Development or disaster
Encounter the events
Like water on a lotus leaf
Exercise restraint
Over thy five senses
( body,mouth,nose,ear,and eyes)
You are thy master by taming the fate
They beseech God of Fire to burn me
The hungry Fire consumes,
my dead flesh and futile bones,
with its leaping flames.
The titbits of bones and ashes,
literally the pieces of me, are immersed in river.
My physical body is fortunate.
My soul is loitering nowhere to go.
I ask for more and more things.
Whatever I get is not satisfying.

I get something, and need more of it.
if I get more of it, I want even more.
It’s burning inside me unquenched.

Endless desires,
they are they, everything.

I’m myself, Desire personified.
the common people,
Poor and downtrodden,
live honestly and law abiding,

Corrupt politicians,
Black money holders,
Debt defaulters,
choosing to live,
without a sense of shame ?
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