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Rama Krsna Jul 31
queen of masks!
each veil worn
to germanic perfection
they’ve become you,
hiding that true deity
lurking deep within

each motley camouflage
a charade to quell
a rising dam
of kaleidoscopic emotions
bubbling from regrettable actions
of lives past

this towering fortress
surrounding your jello heart
self built, brick by brick
and coated with
the leaded paint of distrust,
is now impenetrable

sporting a thousand faces!
lose that stealthy visor of denial,
and true to your name
open your white silk kimono
at once
to let the tides in
and watch that inner pink lotus coruscate

who am i?

the beleaguered king
tired of wearing a million cloaks
and desperately looking
to lose them all
in order to find
my true goddess akhila

© 2019
akhila: a Sanskrit name meaning the enchanting one who is “whole” or “complete”
Rama Krsna Jul 30
in this sanctum
where no one enters
deity distinctly different than devotee
she dared

is it the audacity of hope?
or a star about to crash and burn
paying a hefty price
for karmas
well over five thousand years old

that was then....

reentry, this time around
permitted only
when duality truly ends in unity
just like the cosmic hermaphrodite

her residual ego
already deflated
needs to be surrendered
at the doorstep
before being permitted access
into this sanctum sanctorum of love

only then
this half circle
fully complete

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jul 29
in the rarified air of kilimanjaro
damsel vyomakesi
sporting parrot in hand
recluse vyomakesa
to another game of wanton love making

some five thousand feet below....

i battle
step by step
ambling into the den of lassitude

intellection and fervor dissipate
until that experiential void is hit
as frugal breaths get consumed
for unalloyed endurance
at that razor’s edge
between life and death

just then
the root mantra of subsistence
alights the anima
it whispers

iceberg mendicant
you take a pause
from that fervid dalliance
with the galactic enchantress
to throw my way, an entranced smile

hermetical vyoma
armed with that beam
i’ve now merged
with the macrocosm

Rama Krsna Jul 28
for whom
total abstinence or extreme indulgence
six of one, half a dozen of the other.....
sempiternally steeped in perfect equanimity,
effulgent as the primal flare
within that inner cave,
eradicator of the veil of ignorance
cast by the lilting tunes of the cosmic flutist,
my crescent bearing jewel
complexioned like camphor
who’s pure as jasmine

© 2019
arunachala:  the sacred mountain where liberation from the cycle of birth and death is easily attained
Rama Krsna Jul 26
if silence
is the gateway
to the highest truth,
animals glimpse this truth
far better than humans do....
that inherent tranquility
embedded in
the radius of their own silence,
be it a lion or a dog!
after all,
“dog” written backwards is
indeed “god”

© 2019
inspired by Ramana Maharshi who said that “silence is also conversation”
Rama Krsna Jul 25
the loose lips which sink
the ship of his love
is a river
acquainted in the sky

a river whose muddy waters
from then till now
never touched
or drunk from

her directionless flow
in need of an alternate course
more befitting her ancestral line
than her
then “substance” based existence

or so he thought.....

instead her turbulent waters
true to nature
floods the ship of his reputation
capsizing captain and ship

hand on heart
enough death bells
from the ones who truly cared

ignoring warning signals then
he thought he was right

some years later
licking soul’s wounds
he picks up his bags of sorrow
ship wrecked

this too a cosmic play of sorts!

© 2019
Rama Krsna Jul 25
inside this black hole
where no light trespasses
his linga alone does,
smoothly into the event horizon
marking a point of no return

even sand clocks
at this gateway to heaven
tick slower
as gravitational time dilation
takes over

upon entry
no escape routes
or parachutes
exist for exit

only a free fall
into singularity
where space-time curvature
becomes infinite

odds of mere mortals
surviving this plummet
are nine billion to one

any volunteers?

© 2019
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