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 Jun 2020 Klita
Stephen S
 Jun 2020 Klita
Stephen S
The waves are rather strong
but do not allow yourself
to be consumed by fear.
Unfamiliarity is a friend today.

An adventure need not be vibrant
to be exciting.
Grey can be just as much fun as other colors.
Do not be afraid to take the first step.

Once you are comfortable in the water
you will have no problems finding me
for mine is the most beautiful boat
on this great sea of nothingness...
 Feb 2020 Klita
 Feb 2020 Klita
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
 Feb 2020 Klita
 Feb 2020 Klita
taps drip water into porcelain sinks
and i am trying to forget you.

the taste of apple cider is bitter on my tongue
and i am trying to forget you.

stormy wind batters the brickwork
and i am trying to forget you.

sunrise glows golden on the concrete
and i am trying to forget you.

water   d
                       ­ p

i can't forget you.
you're all that i remember.
 Feb 2020 Klita
Stephen S
I made a deal with the Devil,
in a play to strike it rich.
Him the puppet, I the master,
but soon the roles were switched.

The money up and vanished,
right before my very eyes.
And the devil, loudly laughing,
Sent brimstone falling from the skies.

Sweat poring down my forehead,
and a most repugnant smell.
The newest slave among the demons,
In the darkest depths of hell.

No reprieve from all the gruntwork,
not a single chance of rain.
Just the Devil's fury,
And a sharp eternal pain.

The smoke forever suffocating,
I don't think I'll ever learn.
I made a deal with the devil
and now I've got to burn.
 Dec 2019 Klita
Noni Winters
I stumbled upon you
Like a child
that finds a pretty stone

Bewildered by your presence
I sat and admired
Counting your cracks
Caressing what makes you glitter

You stood infront of me
Bold and beautiful
Like nothing I'd ever seen

And as you gave me your attention
I think I misconstrued your intentions

I wanted to put you in my pocket
But you said no

So there you sit
Perfectly unpolished
A love

I can only visit
 Nov 2019 Klita
If silence had words,
untold secrets wouldn’t prevail.
If silence had words,
Life wouldn’t be such an intriguing tale.
The unsaid wishes would be said,
from broken hearts of living dead,
If silence had words....

If silence had words,
Fragile emotions wouldn’t be breached.
If silence had words,
All depth of heart thoughts would have reached.
The tormented would have smiled,
Joy would return after being exiled,
If silence had words....

If silence had words,
There would be happiness all around.
If silence had words,
Fabrications  buried would never be found.
Each day would worth nothing less a pray,
but a poet would have nothing to say.
Only if silence had words..
What would your silence say if it had words?
 Nov 2019 Klita
Stephen S
They told me I couldn’t do it.
They told me I’d never be good enough.
They told me I wasn’t worth it.

They told me I’d be laughed at.
They told me I would fail.
They told me I was useless.

They told me I was a loser.
They told me no one would ever like me.
They told me I would always finish last.

They told me I was stupid.
They told me I had no chance.
They told me I was nothing but a mistake.

I didn’t listen.
 Oct 2019 Klita
Stephen S
 Oct 2019 Klita
Stephen S
I know I've done absolutely nothing
to prove myself worthy
of receiving anything remotely close
to a second chance.

But I hope
if there's any part left of you
that remembers what was
you might give me one anyway.

Lest I fade into dust.
 Oct 2019 Klita
Stephen S
 Oct 2019 Klita
Stephen S
There is a place
so peaceful
and comforting
that it endlessly warms my heart.

While I am there
I fear nothing.
I hide nothing.
My soul is free.

But this terrible world,
has made it harder and harder
for me to get back to that place.

and I fear it is not long
before I lose the key
for all eternity.
 Oct 2019 Klita
is art
just like
it needs to be expressed

a razor blade
is my pen
my skin
the paper
and my blood
the ink

art tells a story
coming from
deep inside
our darkest secrets
and once they're written down
they stay
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