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Klita Oct 2019
I am a walking telephone

Connecting others

And then set aside

Until I am needed again
Klita Oct 2019
Petals are falling
On my eyelids
Filling my soul
With beauty
And my mind
With peace

Rain is falling
On my hair
Curling it at the ends
Bringing it back
To its natural form
And cleansing me
Of the pain
From today

Tears are Falling
Down my cheek
No more words to be said
I've reached my peak
Klita Oct 2019
There you stand
In all your gloriously impossible perfection
Absolutely s t u n n i n g
Skin glowing brighter than the moon
In a clear
Night sky

I wish someone saw me the way I see you
I know love
Is something we will never share
And that's ok
I will always look at you
Like you are the moon
You were the first
to make me realize
I CAN love
And that is a beautiful thing
Klita Oct 2019
Let’s stay
For just a second more
In this perfect moment
While they are out there
Worrying and weeping
Crying and sighing
Let's stay here

Where the earth is calm
And the waves brush the shore
Filling the air
With a melody more beautiful
than leaves
on an autumn day

Where there are no worries
Where the wind tickles our cheeks
And we can swim in the clouds
And run with rays of sun

Let’s stay in this perfect moment
feel the sand between our toes
Light our babylon candle
And join the stars
When they come out to dance
Klita Oct 2019
This cursed heart
So naive
So h o p e f u l  
Its disgusting
Its p a i n f u l
its hurTING ME
P l e a s e
Klita Oct 2019
You See plain brown eyes
And acne covered skin
I see the earth after a rainy day
And a sky l i t t e r e d with
c o n s t e l l a t i o n s

You think I'm loud
And that I have no brain
But I have lungs of g o l d
And s t a r d u s t in my veins

You see stretch Marks
You see fat
I see a warrior
With stories to l i v e
Stories to w r i t e
Stories to t e l l

You think I'm boring, plain, ugly
But I know I'm beautiful
And that's enough for me to stay
Klita Sep 2019
I could walk out this door right now
I could start walking
                           and walking
                                          and walking
Till my throat runs dry
Till my feet begin to bleed and blister
Till my legs give out
And still never stop

And find a place
Where the sun smiles down
And the world is full of color
And breathing comes naturally

But I won't
I'll stay
I’ll unwillingly persevere
Because I have nowhere else to go
Until I'm allowed to leave
I wrote this awhile back
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