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Klita Mar 2020
I feel like I'm rotting

From the outside in

The longer I sit here

And bury it down

The faster the rot s p r e a d s

starting at my fingertips

Inching its way closer

And closer

To my heart
Klita Feb 2020
I've got my hand on the doorknob
But you're pulling me back
Begging me to stay
Your voice beginning to crack

I've got the door open
Your tugging on my clothes
Crying in my shoulder
You won't let me go

I've got one foot out the door
You've fallen on your knees
Silence filling the room
Not a word, not a peep

I'm running out the door now
Down the road
On my way
To find a new home
Klita Feb 2020
Being with you
Is like having a staring contest
With the sun
No matter what
I always lose
Klita Nov 2019
there are roses growing
from my hands
My doubt the seeds
Begging them to grow

There are roses climbing
up my arms
digging in my skin
but i am numb
to their thorns and beauty

There are roses growing
in my lungs
bloodied petals
filling my throat
and falling from my lips

Tears are sliding
down my cheeks
I've had enough
I am to weak
Klita Nov 2019
Air keeps scampering away
and i'm chasing after it
Running in circles
Around you
Still you don't see me

Im screaming
But still you don't see me

I'm on my knees
Tugging at my hair
Bloodied fingers
Scratching my skin
But still you don't see me

I've given up
Air escapes me
The light is fading
The back of your head
The last thing I see
Klita Oct 2019
Snow has begun to fall
On this dreary october morning
Numbing my feet from cold
And making my hands shake

Snow has begun to fall
On the gray sunless day
The powder coating my lashes
My nose, red from winter's breath

Autumn has ended
Winter has begun
And as the snow falls
We fall
Into ourselves
Our shields of happiness
Melting like the snow
And the gloom and sadness revealed
Can only be cured
By a cup
Of hot coco
Klita Oct 2019
I am a walking telephone

Connecting others

And then set aside

Until I am needed again
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