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Aug 2 · 456
Omi Aug 2
On this day, I was broken
On this day, my world stopped 
On this day, my life was reduced
On this day, pain consumed me 
and this consumption never left 

I went to bed broken-hearted 
I woke up broken-hearted 
My life was pain 
Pain was all I knew 
I wept until I could weep no more 

My spirit was locked in a dark room 
It was empty 
reason departed me 
there was nothing 
I had nothing 

My joy was stolen 
My labour unfavoured
I screamed

Suicide was a friend 
Depression my lover
Bitterness my worship 

I tried to pray
I tried to believe, 
but my mind could not. 

My spirit and flesh
but still my soul thirsted. 

It searched;
To find God. 

It knew
He is my answer 
The truth and the way 
The truth is God 
and in Him 
I rested.
You don’t realise God is all you need until God is all you’ve got.
Jun 11 · 246
The beauty of fear
Omi Jun 11
You sit there
Trying to convince yourself  that "you'll be fine"
But since we are all flesh
We have to fear.

But fear is conjoined.
With every atom,
Mar 8 · 1.1k
Let her waters flow
Omi Mar 8
It starts. He stares.
A ferocious beast she sees, a human he is.
He strips her
Slowly gliding his hands from her neck to its base
Electrifying each nerve, she shivers.

In her vortex of deepest waters, he goes.
Eyes locked.
She remembers to exhale.
You make me weak, she whispers
as the tension intensified with each ******.

He maddened
Pulling her in, wrapping her legs around him.  
Lost in her moans as he reaches for her peak,
he sees her; she is his clair de lune.
The river flows in her.

And as she weakens
he holds her firmly till her waters flow.
For she is his redemption.
Mar 8 · 912
Rising at dusk
Omi Mar 8
Am I too late my love?
Eyes fixated on me
She stares piercingly into my soul.

She hums,
with sorrow in her eyes.
My heart starts to bleed
Can’t she see my aching heart?

Ok. take my soul
So I am nothing but flesh and bones
Just don’t leave me in this lonely lustful sphere.

Now she screams
Next, she weeps
Why does she weep?
I am finding it hard to breathe
Why can’t I breathe?

Please, just say something before
I drown in my thoughts.
As I attempt to touch her;
they laugh.

O' mother
I see now 
They surround me
My demons.

but it's no use,
now that I'm dead.
Mar 8 · 206
I will never forget
Omi Mar 8
How could I possibly forget you,
you awakened me.
When I think of you, you come to me;
Taking me to long-ago shadows;
Where memories lie;
And now I can’t help but fear you.

A love never seen before.
A love subject to imagination, for it can never crystallize;
But you are with me till my last breath,
And I shall tell you one day; with my unspoken words.
Mar 8 · 409
it died, she arose
Omi Mar 8
It departed, but left pain.
For who am I now?
I looked into a mirror and saw its reflection, yet I questioned what I saw.
Could this be me?
Why should I believe this object to reflect I? If I disappear, does it not do the same for the next person?
Horrid at this realization, I run.
She runs too.
She must submerse herself till she chokes to find out who she is
And wait for her third self to save her.
And when she appears,
She must never let go, for this is she;
This is who will save her.

— The End —