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GREN fell,
But I’m still standing.

When you remember me,
Do not whine and whimper;
Do not shed tears of sorrow;
Do not lament over my departure.

I am in your fond thoughts;
I am in your large pulsating hearts;
I am in the air that you effortlessly breathe;
I am the cadence of your daily lives.

Remember me by my story,
Remember me by my smile,
Remember me by my journey,
Remember me by the work that I left behind.

Be thankful for my life.
Be thankful.
Be thankful.
Be thankful.
Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Grenfell tower fire in London UK. This poem is dedicated to the honour of Khadija Saye's legacy and the other victims of the Grenfell tower fire.
I stand high and tall on my pedestal to Enlighten The World.
I stand high and tall for you all to be Liberated.
I raise my right arm in earnest,
For each and everyone of one of you
To be equal then, now and forever.
My Torch glows with a beacon of Equality
My Crown glistens with a glistening of Justice.
The water I stand on serves
To wash away the anger, anguish and agony of injustice.

I stand high and tall
For you all to see
But you do not see my Fears
That’s putting out my torch.
You do not see my Tear drops
Making ripples of anguish in the water far and wide.
You do not hear
The shearing of my tablet.
You do not wear
My splintering robe of hope.

As I stand high and tall
I do not EVER tire to
Raise my right hand of Liberty,
Shine my touch of Equality,
Wear my crown of Justice,  
For each and everyone of you.

Clothe me with a deserving garment of Liberty for all.
Adorn me with the garment of tranquillity amongst all.

God bless America
God bless Americans
#Liberty #Justice #Equality #Freedom #America #Inauguration #Injustice #Racism #Unity
Without hesitation, man dazzled the bountiful land
That is until – the dark cloak descended.
A dagger penetrated the art of living
Bewilderment of the minds numbed the earth still.
Those who sprinted learnt to jog,
Those who jogged learnt to walk,
Those who walked learnt to stand still.
Life as they knew was washed away
They closed the heavy doors behind them.

Eagerly searching for answers
They watched the parting clouds
Wondering if they will ever reconcile.
They watched the rain drops roll down the drains
Wondering where they will end up.
They listened to the chirping birds
Wondering what message they had to bring.
They watched daffodils break the ground
For a sense of normality.

The heart longed for hugs and kisses,
The lips learnt to smile from a distance,
A wave from across the road will have to do
Knowing; it’s not enough but
Will have to suffice for now
For fear of the unknown.

Multitudes of goodbyes were left
Hanging in the thick air.
The lowering of men to the ground
Were missed by the anguished many.
The farewell ink ran dry.

People were humbled
Their craved conversations were dominated by
The dark cloak
They grappled with new words
Social distancing
Self isolation

Nature worked its magic around them
They looked to the sky for answers.
As the wind gushed through
The doves flew across the sky
Without a care in the world
Displaying the epitome of freedom
Remember the days they ran
Into the woods to be at one with nature.
They NAVIGATED their way
around the old aged wise trees.
They were saturated with awe
As the birds TWEETED in perfect harmony.
The sun flaunted its opulence
As it pierced through the comforting CLOUDS.
The amazement never whittled away.
In that space they toured the
Their minds grew as they etched
Their FACES in their BOOKS.
SAM SUNG joyously with
A sway in his footstep
As the smell of the nectareous
APPLE pie beckoned him home.

They are now garbed in the pacifying garment.
Lured into NAVIGATING their way around
The engulfing WORLD WIDE WEB.
Swamped with emotions whilst TWEETING all night long.
The hackers flounce their prowess
As they sear through the elusive CLOUD.
Life’s reality is painted as a life that isn’t on FACEBOOK.
Their SAMSUNG is in control of their thoughts,
Other lust for the latest APPLE gear.

O seeker of knowledge
O wise one
As invaluable and amazing it may seem
Use it wisely
Use it sparingly
Control it, don’t let it control you.
it will steal your irreplaceable time.
It will rob you of YOU.
Your quest is to dance to the orchestra of nature
Not to jangle with departure from mother nature.
User beware
The colonial masters came
With abounding plans to fragment.
They spread their wings over the diamonds,
They suffocated the gold,
They pecked at the copper,
They smothered the platinum,
They cornered the cobalt into their web,
They scurried away with the cocoa.

They clipped the wings of those
Left behind with
Fragmented land
Fragmented culture
Fragmented language
Fragmented sense of purpose
Fragmented sense of direction
Fragmented minds.

Once orderly people are now
Fragmented people trying to
Painstakingly piece it all together.
What an arduous task lies ahead,
But with God’s guidance it will be done.
Doing the right thing by everyone
Does not guarantee that everyone
Will do right by you.

The thorns will be scattered in your path,
They will *****,
They will scratch,
They will draw blood,
There will be tears,

But carry on you must.
Conceal your voice
Elevate you minds
Meaningful change

Is borne from
Ennobled minds
Clattered conversations.
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