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BPIII Jun 2019
If tomorrow never comes and yesterday is already gone then today just could be forever so do yourself a favor and smile ,
life only happens once and living it is but a dream.......
BPIII May 2019
If reality is believing in what is in front of you then dreaming is believing in what has yet to pass, for allusion can blind truth but dreams can change the world.......
What do your dreams show you ?
BPIII May 2019
I see it when I close my eyes,
I feel it when I just let go,
I hear it when there are no words,


Where do your dreams take you?
I love to dream and dream to love.
BPIII May 2019
So much time has past and years are between us yet , I can still see her face as I turned and walked away.

Was it really just a dream.......
This one is about my first true love , I woke from a dream recently. I was walking away from her, I felt it all day.
BPIII May 2019
Have you ever woken up and realized you were never asleep? Or stoped and pondered the reasons why being connected means disconnecting ?
Perhaps a sound or a voice even a scent not only lift you but take you to a place you haven't been in a while?

Life is full of questions and if we had all the answers then who would be left to dream.......
BPIII May 2019
Live in the moment , love in the laughter , and learn from the pain, for time stands still for no one,
Dare to dreeam.......
BPIII May 2019
Running from who you are is like,

Chasing a dream that doesn't want to be caught,

Sooner or later you have to wake up........
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