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Ophelia May 9
Blood drips from our eyes
as we cry
But we say we're okay
"it's fine"
But we lie
People believe what they want to
So they believe we're not dead inside
We cry harder but keep saying
"it's fine"
"I'm fine"
But it's not fine
and we'll keep this secret for the rest of our lives
Ophelia Apr 23
One person changes our view
One person changes our world
One person makes us feels special
One person makes us laugh
Who helps that one person
Who make that one person laugh
Who sees how that one person really feels
Ophelia Apr 23
Each year
We get a little older
Some might say
"More mature"
"More grown"
But that's not it
We celebrate so much now
This day seems normal
The biggest day of our lives
Our Birthdays
Seem normal
We party to much
and care too little
We celebrate
getting closer to death
almost meeting death
and finally
meeting death
So much celebration for one day
Today's my birthday so as I thought about the meaning of birthdays I came up with this, sorry its a bit sloppy but its a quick free write. Hope ya'll enjoy it!
Ophelia Apr 12
We wake up
For disappointment
We fall asleep
From disappointment
The world is full of pain
of tears
of hateful things
Ophelia Apr 12
Somewhere in a child's home
The children are scared
The parents are arguing
And the family is crying
Because daddy just got another drink
The smell of alcohol is common
The trash full of bottles
Somewhere in a child's home
Mommy just an out crying
Because she could not handle it anymore
But she forgets her kids
Somewhere in a child's home
The house is too small
The family is too big
But somewhere in a child's home across town
The children are scared they won't be invited to a party
The parents are arguing about who's better
And the family is crying tears of joy
Somewhere in a child's home, every home is different
Ophelia Apr 12
Feeling this pain
It doesn't hurt anymore
Because I've felt it too long
Feeling this pain
It lasts forever
Never lets me go
Because I've had it too long
Feeling this pain
Is an everyday thing
Nothing new
Because it's always here
Sorry about this poem, I can tell its a bit of a downer but I'm a realists poem writer. I feel like this poem doesn't flow smoothly so any notes and pointers would be appreciated!
Ophelia Mar 20
I used to smile
I used to laugh
I used to love
Now the only thing I feel is pain
I can't smile
I can't laugh
But I can cry
I'm ready to give up
I'm ready to let it all go
Why...? They ask but never listen
Why...? You don't really care
Why...? Because I've been through bad times
I've been to **** and back
I can't stand anymore
It doesn't matter
No one sees my suffering
So no one can help
I'm not as experienced as the rest of people here, and I've been looking for feedback on my writing. This isn't my best work so I would love fedback.

— The End —