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Ken Jul 7
The change is evident, the journey is clear this is what life was meant to be….FREE not a slave to the 9 to 5 why work so hard just to survive and die not knowing what living really is was this the plan of God written in Genesis?
We are slaves to the system with a noose around the neck blinded by vanity and hanged by debts like strange fruits on the systematic tree and only by enlightenment are we then set free.
The change is evident... Mankind is a curse
In the new age when the status of a man is determined not by what is in his heart but what's in his purse.
How can we be humans and lack humanity? lack of compassion and empathy….like soulless sheep going a stray motivated by money controlled by time jacked into the matrix from nine to five.

Done by: KCG
La vie est simple
Ken Jul 5
Death- the thought of it scares most of us, but not me I am intrigued by it. Like an adventure into the unknown with no point of return- what will I meet, a palace in the sky or a fiery hell that burns.
Nobody knows only the creator of the universe and he causes death so why mankind thinks its a curse.
Only two times in our lives we are truly free,
In the practice of *** seeing each other vulnérabilités, pleasure so intense it takes the mind on a drift and freedom is short-lived, but only by death is a man truly free from all earthly pains and misery. To forget about the body and focus on the soul such an overwhelming transgression the body is not needed anymore, so when it's time to meet my peaceful end I will embrace death like a long lost friend.

Done by: KCG
Ken Jul 1
A cosmic kiss….
A cosmic kiss from the lushest lips, a beauty so vast and green, so stunning and wonderful but to the fool it is never seen…
A cosmic kiss as she hits my lips taking the form of the gentlest breeze, we’re close yet still far apart no matter the distance you have my heart.
I'm in love with mystries of your uniqueness and your wonderful creation.
The hand of god that created you had a splinded visons.

Done by:KCG
Ken Jul 1
Is this fate or a huge mistake? The Lord knows I can't deal with another heartbreak, but her smile captures my eyes, and her lips so inviting who am I to deny.
But I'm scared of hurting her for I've lost myself in another girl, my cold persona is masked by humor with a deep hole inside where loneliness dwells forever…..
She has her demons too and she fights them every day, she doesn't talk a lot as to hide the pain away but with that beautiful smile, you can not tell.
The balance must maintain there would be no heaven without hell.

Done by: KCG
Ken Jun 27
They paint her black and cast her down cutting deep wounds with their evil tongue. She who is painted black has the brightest light and the spirit of a lioness with the courage to fight. They are the flesh of her flesh and blood of her blood yet they discard her as a stranger only remembering her in times of need and in times of danger. Nevertheless, she claims them as her own and I will live to see them bow to her cause she owns the throne. Life is a cycle of good and bad, some of those things you have to leave to god. They paint her black but her heart is gold she has endless love in that golden ore.

Done by:KCG
Rappel :Un enfant qui vit milieu tolérant  apprend la compréhension
Ken Mar 8
Lust….. I feel my heart racing, I feel the blood rush, your lips so close, kissing my neck with the gentlest touch. I gaze into your eyes resisting the compulsive urge to place my hands between your thighs
But I give in, and to my surprise, you're wetter than the river Niles whispering softly in my ears you want me inside.
As the honey glaze and drips, you rotate your hips greeting me With a smile ….like a mathematician I've counted over a hundred ways to ******* in my mind but I got to take my time, cause baby there's no rush I love to see you blush with pleasure in your eyes.
I brush your center with the softest stroke and watch your body invoke the lustful demon that's inside.
working carefully like Artist, every stroke has a rhythm, point, and precision, you're shaking and moaning “saying don't stop” cause your ****** is peaking … exploding with pleasure every drop sweet like Nectar, and once again to my lustful demon I surrender.

Done by:KCG
Ken Feb 28
Love is a drug that I was once hooked on it's worst that ****, stronger than crack *******, blinded my reality and **** with my brain. I was a ****** thirsty for this euphoric feeling, but who knew my withdrawal symptoms would have been a heart of no healing. It's like the Pandora's box tempted to touch but devastation when it unlocks. I thought of hope cause they say time heals, but
I relapsed, it was like the end of the world, I was addicted to her love and she was no longer my girl, I searched desperately for the high but the substance was gone. I tried others but it's was never the same I was an empty addict with problems and pain, who knew it would hurt like this, ****** dry of all my happiness. I'm sober now, I'm seeing all clear you never cherished what we had your all wasn't there. You mislead me, now I find that trusting is not easy, if it's for better or worse I don't know but the experience definitely changed me.

Done by: K.C.G
Lol don't do drugs kids
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