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ghostgirl Jul 2019
I've not been active for pretty long. I started a new website.
Check it out:
ghostgirl Jul 2019
I'm not afraid of
dark forests, beasts,
darkness or ghosts.

I'm afraid of people
convincing me I should.
ghostgirl Jun 2019
I was sad and angry,
all I wanted was to sit and cry.
The people I dissapointed.
The oppertunities
I have already missed.
From nowhere bumblebee came
and gave me a kiss.
I was so suprised.

Touching my cheeck.
Remembered the most important thing
is the calmness in me.
ghostgirl May 2019
Wasted so many time,
wasted so many life.
Too sad to cry.
Too tired to rest.
But I can't end it cause I'm afraid to die.
ghostgirl May 2019
They ...
Killed my spirit,
crushed my soul.

My heart was left in million pieces.
And will take a million years
to collect them.
A million years to put them back.

don't be a mean fool,
my emotions are not a playing tool.
ghostgirl May 2019
I wanna know everything about you.
What you want, what you love.
Your deep secrets and shallow weaknesses.
So I can turn them against you.
ghostgirl Apr 2019
I could never be yours
and you could never be mine
It's not about possesing.
It's about letting them go.
Leaving them to blossom into butterflies.
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