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Jack Oct 8
i met my Waterloo
and kept chasing her
and all i think of
is you
Jack Sep 16
The last vestiges of my mind
are a vessel of desolation
that wont make it home.

- i feel alone
Jack Sep 16
Equinoctial blaze of fire
but meet hand in hand
halfway during
the rise
If you could stay any longer,
the blaze would fade
and you would conquer.

- i feel much warmer in the presence of your night.
Jack Sep 15
I wore my heart on my sleeve
vibrant and true
but you ignore the wash label
bleached anew
I wore my heart on my sleeve
and became stained by you

- i need a new jumper
Jack Sep 14
a melancholic midnight
soul sleeping
restless eyes
telling pretty lies
through tongues
Jack Feb 21
A faceless false perception

Darkness Masquerading,
Scattering our sheltering light.
Nebulous shadows stalk and creep
Corrupting our minds with fright.
This deception is a con,
An illusion forged by midnight.
A faceless false perception
conjured evil blight..
The faculty of seeing
To shift our sight
These shadowy ensembles
Disappear with a bedroom light.
the monsters under your bed, nothing to be feared
Jack Feb 21
If I bit
My sour tongue
I would've saved you with silence...
If I bit
my sour tongue
It would fall out.
even if you say the wrong thing or upset people with your voice, you cant always appeal to what they need or want to hear.

— The End —