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2d · 186
Good poetry
When God wanted to write poetry he made man, when he wanted to write good poetry he made woman, and a man and woman in love, that’s just poetry in motion.
3d · 19
Without his soul a raging storm
Within his soul a melody
Ascension now must be the norm
If prison bars must set one free
The world upon his shoulders seem
To place his feet on sinking sand
Atlas need not this burden bear
Yet trials are what makes a man
6d · 200
The pit
They said I'd never make it, said I'd never change
Said I was a loser said I was deranged
Didn’t know my struggles so they judged my pain
Wasn’t there for the pit so they never see me reign
6d · 54
Nelly’s poem
Life without you is like life without air
A hurricane would fall if I bottled each tear
Every day together you enriched my life
Each moment without you cuts deep like a knife

Your smile your resilience I will never forget
You lived your life bravely without  much regret
Like a flower in it’s prime with beauty of soul and mind
Now you’ve been exalted to see Jesus  divine

As kids, you combed my hair and was a big sister to me
Oh how you loved the ocean  and drove like a boss lady
Playing cards and domino with your uncles and friends
You were a pearl of great price why did it all have to end

Your dream was to by 30 to see your child’s face
And God heard from heaven and blessed us with grace
So although you’re gone a piece of you remains
You were always a Queen so God called you to reign

Life without you is like life without air
The memories in my heart I’ll always hold dear
It feels so unreal this loss beyond deep
Still hoping I’m dreaming and you’ll wake me from sleep

So goodbye nelly my bestie my friend
Though I weep outwardly, I know this is not the end
In the sweet by & by I know my God will heal
Secrets of life and death, one day God will reveal
My niece's best friend passed away suddenly recently in childbirth but before she died she named her daughter Grace. I wrote this poem from my niece's perspective for her bestie, it was one of the hardest poems I've ever had to write both young ladies grew up before my eyes and were like my own daughters RIP Nelly
Jan 10 · 42
A duo worth having
Through the lens of love, everything becomes beautiful
You see the peace in the midst of the storm
The attractiveness of scarlet in lava
Sweet songs from birds of prey
And good intentions from an awful lover
At any rate, something’s should not be viewed  
Without the lens of truth to accompany love
Jan 8 · 72
forever young
The heart is eternal it never grows old
Its essence is pure it’s beauty is bold
The body may fade like ancient songs sung
But heart is alive and forever young
Jan 1 · 31
Happy new year
A new decade is at our door
Promises they abound
Trinkets of dreams upon life’s shore
Are eager to be found
Father time utters a new tune
The old year is now past
Ushering hope for tomorrow
For good things which shall last
Learning from failures of the past
Achieving good success
Making the best of first to last
Inviting outstanding progress
A vision and a master plan
Wisdom from God above
Invading desolate new lands
Filling our times with love
A joyful aspiration
Of things we wish could be
The perfection of our vision
Within 2020
Happy new year guys may your writing be amazing in 2020
Dec 2019 · 47
The long goodnight
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
Alas the long goodnight is here
I grasp at sleep without a fear
My mind keeps thinking of the past
Hoping for days when love will last

I toss and turn with so much care
Alas the long goodnight is here
I shall embrace the perfect sleep
Considering slumber  such a feat

Escape from day so I can dream
While body sleeps my mind shall gleam
Alas the long goodnight is here
Embracing this nocturnal sphere

Will I find love within my rest
Embrace the perfect made caress
My heart no more to shed a tear
Alas the long goodnight is here
Dec 2019 · 91
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
Painted tear stain face mascara ruin as She weeps a hurricane,
running from the obvious yet standing still,
unable to grasp at hope’s life jacket,
will She drown in her tears or will her tears extinguish the flames of her heart,
it use to burn so brightly, passion now Her enemy destroyed by *******,
destroyed by the facts of life, Her yearning went unnoticed her smile faded into the background,
Her love rejected Her heart goes dark and her soul cries tears anew.
Dec 2019 · 39
Thoughts on love
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
The thing about love is there are two categories; you’re never ever going find someone with only everything you want because that person simply doesn’t exist. You will firstly and most commonly find many people with less than you want and need, and even fewer people with more than you want and need. The trick in both cases is your threshold for pain, because either way both will cause you pain, and true love never comes without the addition of suffering, so before you give away your heart make sure you know what it’s made of, it’s strengths and it’s weakness and learn what you can forgive. This, in the end, will make all the difference. Love is not like pieces of a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly together, it’s more like two hearts that choose to stay untied in spite of an imperfect union because love is the glue that holds the tiniest fragments together.
Dec 2019 · 38
My wish
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
"Run your fingers through my soul.
For once, just once, feel exactly what I feel,
believe what I believe, perceive as I perceive,
look, experience, examine, and for once; just once, Understand...
Dec 2019 · 84
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
Today I smiled today I laughed
Today I let my fears go
Today I loved today I cared
Today I held the ebb and woe
Today I lived with all of me
Today my inhabitation were set free
Today I dared to be myself
Today my hurts went on the shelf
Not yesterday or tomorrow
They will not make me sway
For all that I can ever do
Is conceal in today
So when today is dark and gloom
This shall not make me fall
As long as it is called today
I will give it my all.
All we really have is concealed in one word TODAY
Dec 2019 · 63
The true Christmas story
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
On the very first Christmas night
In a manger in Bethlehem
God did as he had never done before
Because in the ****** birth of Emanuel
The heavens touched upon this earthly shore
Some saw his coming in the stars
To break sins ancient curse
Some were told of him in their dreams
Man’s fall he would reverse
Some heard of him from angels high
As they watch flocks by night
That this babe would redeem mankind
Who cried in the moonlight
This Christmas God still speaks to us
As he did in times past
About that very first Christmas gift
So noble and so vast
We give gifts at this time of year
But God gave us his best
So we may be called children of God
The favor and the blessed
So let us give thanks unto God
And always be cheerful
Because of God’s first Christmas gift
God Christmas miracle
He came to die for you and me
To set the whole world free
In him, there is peace love and long life
That’s the true Christmas story.
Dec 2019 · 78
My panda
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
Like glass in the ocean
You smooth away my jagged edges
And make the pieces of me more palatable
Dec 2019 · 41
Junior McIntyre Dec 2019
In her prime, she is a beauty
Her eruptions cause destruction
In her eye there is peace
While all around her breathes confusion
Her waves are taller than skyscrapers
When her fury is engaged
Oh so gorgeous in a moment
Till ignited with a rage
From the lovely sound of morning
In a forest filled with birds
To the majestic trees swaying
In the breeze not seen, but heard
From the intelligence of dolphins
Immersed in the deep blue sea
To the slyness of the fox
Hidden behind an old oak tree
Nature can be so exquisite
If we open up our eyes
For when we go into nature
We find perfection in disguise
Nov 2019 · 57
In her own silent words
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
People have the strangest quirks
Saying things without words
Sometimes body language
Speaks more volumes than a politician
Like the girl standing next to me in line
Mentally arguing with the person in front of her
Forcing herself not to erupt
And slay her foe the snail woman
Because she has things to do
And the whole world should give a ****
After a while, you learn to read
Books magazines tablets people
Conversing chatting talking
In their own silent words
And you realize even the most shy
Have so much to say
Nov 2019 · 32
A slice of reality
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
Age has craftily crept into my body
But it has not yet found its way into my mind
My soul stands adjacent laughing
Knowing age body mind and soul
Will soon meet their maker
Nov 2019 · 103
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
Some fall asleep
Some fall apart
Some fall in love
I trip and fall down
Nov 2019 · 22
for love
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
I’ve seen true love make cowards roar
In the face of a hungry lion
Climb Mountain peaks dive oceans blue
In search for the gates of Zion
Make men speak words they soon regret
Give their life up for an unsure bet
Cry more tears than the rain above
All these things men have done for love
Nov 2019 · 34
Poet’s paradox
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
To live in the sea of oblivion only in death to find fame,
This is the burden of the poet when gone they remember his name,
In life he is despised and rejected in dead he’s a hero to all,
This is a paradox of the poet this is the well in which he falls.
The depth of his words speak like Abel’s blood,
Crying from beyond the grave, now that he is gone immortality is gain,
The world is never more the same; he is praised for his grand orations,
And missed by friends who never called,
This is a paradox of the poet this is the well in which he falls,
So when he dies I say bring no roses, shed not a tear at his demise
For his words were true even when he was with you, had you just opened your eyes,
Tell not the world of his brilliance; speak not to fools of his charm
But give him his due while he is there with you, for he feels like any man other.
Nov 2019 · 126
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
Why do poets offer their love
The sun the moon and the stars
When even in their wildest dreams
These things they will never have
Is it because love is a dream
That we sell to each other
Knowing deep down within our hearts
That every dream will wither
Nov 2019 · 33
Junior McIntyre Nov 2019
She had a magnificent soul
She had a playful heart
She had a very bad taste in men
So I guess I never had a shot
Oct 2019 · 43
Junior McIntyre Oct 2019
A simplistically calm chaos
Runs it’s finger over my soul
As I hear your voice for the millionth time  
And I wonder if my heart will ever say enough
To make the sheer awe of you disappear
Something about you makes living worth it
For with you, I live a life of butterflies.
Sep 2019 · 88
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
I like the fact that she wears a yellow dress
And has a yellow umbrella to battle every inch of rain
Because even in the rain her personality is like sunlight
Diving headfirst into every cracked up seam and dark place in my life
And beautifully illuminating everything good in me
Sep 2019 · 43
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
She is Fire lit in dark heartless ice
And kissing her lips is hell’s frostbite
Her mind is darkened her will is sly
A perfectly held together broken being
Held by hurt anger and pain camouflaged by makeup
The melody of her body is sensual, words sweet
But the honey and instrument is fragile frail weak
Scared by the past her present is shaky
But at least she's still pretty by their standards
The price of beauty
Sep 2019 · 124
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
Sometimes I feel like walking aimlessly
Into the sun into the wind
Away from all, I have become
And all I hold my kin
Stare at the sun till I go blind
Run in the wind till I get flight
Will, I ever fit in a world so cold
Doomed to dream like them only at night
Sep 2019 · 30
The adventures of a poem
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
It started with a poem
It started with a dream
To live the life unsighted
Perfect love that was seen
It ended with a heartbreak
A singular soul’s demise
You kept my lovely poem
But my affections got chastised
Maybe I should stop writing
Sep 2019 · 55
Promiscuous Liberty
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
Evil  men vile men haters and such
Never seem to embrace justice flawed touch
Lady justice is blind but isn’t it funny
That she has a profound love for her clients with money
Lady Liberty  sad truth
Sep 2019 · 41
What makes a friend
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
A friend is born when likes collide
And deep calls out to deep
When one discovers that on this earth
They’re not fully unique
When smiles are shared
And burdens carried
Because the bond is strong
And they love you for who are
Whether you’re right or wrong  
A friend is one who has your back
And seeks your very best
Who with a touch or with a word
Seems to remove your stress
And one thing about friendships
They  never have to end
When both decide to stay the course
That makes a true life friend.
Sep 2019 · 159
Love & Aliens
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
I’m in love with an alien
She doesn’t know her worth
But I guess that’s normal
When your girl’s not from earth
She is kind of crazy
With the things that she’ll say
Cause the language she speaks
Is from the milky way
I’m in love  with an alien
And I often get hurt
She’s a little too green
And I feel like Captain Kirk
I’m in love with an alien
But I guess in the end
That I’m just normal
Cause chicks are alien to men
Sep 2019 · 915
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
I’m the opposite of perfect
I am not the most refined
Eloquence is not my nature
Speech is not the place I shine
I am flawed in many places
What some say of me is true
But this one thing I have learned
Blemishes aren’t worn by few
So we all have our shortcomings
And we all may fail at times
But the thing that makes us special
Is how we view other’s crimes
For when we may make a mistake
And one chooses to forgive
Do we follow that example
And say this is how we live
Or do we condemn and complain
With hate and pride every hour
Without taking a single glance
At the person in the mirror
When you pull each other down
It proves this one thing is true
I may have a lot of blemishes
But the ugly one is you
Sep 2019 · 41
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
The tributaries carve themselves
Like veins into the earth
Making their ways to rivers
And oceans of great worth
So love starts with a trickle
That soon becomes a flow
And forms a wave of great power
Much greater than we know
Aug 2019 · 44
Barely Friends
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
Your words still echo in my head
The joy you placed within my soul
Thoughts dance as I lay upon my bed
Dreams I once had of us growing old
But no matter what my inner core did see
And words of love that roamed free
The fact and truth is at last
The hope of us won’t come to past
Your touch still lingers in my heart
A place I only let you gaze
And now that you have moved on
My brain only sees a dead blaze
Maybe I’m a slave to the past
Somehow I need to make amends
My body once knew you as a lover
Your voice says now we’re barely friends
Aug 2019 · 67
The Truth
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
Atlas I look back on my love
My heart is seized with pain
I wish love brought me good things
Heartache is all I’ve gained

I yearn for a tomorrow
Like once upon a time
But sight of love eludes me
Love gained was never mine

Was searching my fatal mistake
They say that love works best
When pursuit of the finer things
Does not include caress

Maybe you could not see in me
Someone worthy of your heart
And like the tide kisses the sand
Your touch chose to depart

Atlas I look back on my love
You made my heart so desolate
I fear love may no longer grow
Perhaps us was just not of fate

The truth is we may never be
And I’m ok with that somehow
Because you chose to set me free
To find the one I need right now
Aug 2019 · 79
Woman Logic
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
Women are such complicated creatures and yet simple at the same time
All she wants is to eat as much food as she wants and stay thin
Is that so hard to understand?
If you ask her where she wants to go get the food
She doesn’t know
She forgets that she is beautiful after spending two hours on hair and makeup
And one thousand on a new outfit that took her three hours to pick out
Leaving the mirror gives her amnesia
So it is your duty to remind her of her beauty often
She spends two hours telling you her problems
Not because she needs you to solve them, but because she wants you to hear it
So listen and smile
The time to frown is when she stops talking
Is that so hard to understand?
She loves wine and chocolate; red roses are best
But taking the time to remember what she loves is far more precious than the things themselves
She is where beauty comes alive the cradle of civilization she is sassy like a dream build for the perfect attraction
Soft like a flower yet tough as steel she is made to be loved my friend not understood
Because she is a mystery is that so hard to understand?
Aug 2019 · 136
The Lesson
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
He promised her heaven
As if it was his to give
He gave her hell in a circle
And they told her to forgive
He was rich in assets
But poverty engulfed his soul
The absence of true love
Can’t be filled with silver or gold
Money was never a problem
But her anguish was plenty
Happiness as it seemed
Eluded her completely
Love is free
But trust is earned
Hurt is expensive
From a lesson now learned
Somethings we only learn from experience
Aug 2019 · 166
Second sight
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
Love is the blindfold to flawless vision, that makes the unsighted see perfectly.
Aug 2019 · 753
Raw beauty
Junior McIntyre Aug 2019
She had more flavor than the best chef
And had more dreams than a narcoleptic
Her curves had the planets going yes
Her raw beauty had their very  own statistics
Her lips emitted nectar so drink of it I must
Some people thirst for water but I thirsted for her touch
And just like  deserts inhale every last drop of the rain
I knew after I met her I would never be the same
Jul 2019 · 226
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
"Next time remember when you feel like you're falling," said the mother to her baby eaglet "you're not falling! you're learning to fly"
Jul 2019 · 282
About her
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
She had a wit about her
Sharp as a samurai’s blade
And a smile about her
Warm as a morning brew
She had a laugh about her
Infectious as the common cold
And a sweet shyness that
She wore deliberately bold
She had a heart as deep
As the earth’s core
And an essence
As inviting as the summer breeze
She had lips that only few could resist
She had it all
Wrapped up in a humble frame
Jul 2019 · 146
Coffee is art
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
There is a skill in the way she sips her coffee
Soaking in the essence of each bean destroyed for her pleasure
Internalizing the caffeine like a lovers embrace
Running her fingers through her hair in the morning light
Coffee is art and consuming it is seduction
Jul 2019 · 207
My point
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
Get my point don't let anybody or anything make you give up on your perfect tomorrow in an imperfect world.
Keep dreaming!
Jul 2019 · 88
After the storm
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
Now ravaged by the storms of life, life lies in decay
Immersed in its derelict plight unable to see day
The new morning has come again, revealing only waste
Where a once beautiful life existed now there is only pain.
But now perhaps there is a chance, for darkness has now past
To rebuild on the cornerstone a life that’s sure to last
For although all you thought you had was destroyed and is gone
Constructing a life founded on Christ not founded on the norm
Is sure to stand the test of time and last after the storm.
Jul 2019 · 86
The long night
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
Passion has been an elusive being
At least when it comes to me
In exile from my slightest touch
Yearning to be set free
A passionate pursuit of inspiration
An energetic dive without much caution
Yet passion grows more weak and frail
Enclosed within my mind’s own jail
The rage of youth the calm of age
The touch of brute the whisper of sage
Ashes now dwell where fire once raged
Pens without ink on a fresh white page
I wonder will passion return
Where there is calm with fire burn
Can a broken heart somehow ignite
And like lighting to skies bring light
Life without fervor cannot be right
The death of passion is the long night
Jul 2019 · 136
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
I hear the screaming in my soul
The darkness drawing near
Calling me back to where I was
A life of hurt and fear
The gapping hunting of my will
How long can I hold on
I know that for my daughter sake
I must remain the strong
Maybe for now just one more hit
Nobody knows my pain
I’ll give in just for one more try
And then I’ll stop again
But some evil gets in me
And ravishes my soul
Now I can never let go
I’m lost in this drugs hold
I know I’m in a well of pain
Wishing I was stronger
Guess I’ll have to just hide the truth
Just a little longer
Jul 2019 · 49
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
The fish have the sea
The birds build nests
Because making a home
Shows life at it’s best
The fish have the ocean
The birds have the air
Because being together
Brings hope trust and care
The fish have the rivers
The birds have the trees
Because joy under a roof
Liberates and sets free
The fish have a lake
The birds have a sanctuary
But what do humans have
Without a home or a family
Jul 2019 · 74
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
The world is like a circus and everyone a clown, but instead of smiles on their face, each person wears a frown.
Jul 2019 · 322
If Only
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
A two-word sentence
That makes one yearn
For what may never be
A stagnant truth
That makes one cry
The sentence if only
If only are such big words
Colossal and infinite
Saying a whole heart it fills
Is completely accurate
If only comes from a broken place
As many wonder why
But these two words are defeated
By tomorrow, I shall try.
Jul 2019 · 122
Freedom cry
Junior McIntyre Jul 2019
As birds in cages, they wonder why
My people don’t sing but freedom cry
They store us low but we dream of high
From jail to skies our freedom cry
From chains to thrones Crowd or alone
The earth can’t hold when skies our home
From depths to hills to mountain tops
We chant cries to winds which lift us up
Blue skies escaped from gravity
Archaic prisons shall not hold we
Freedom our new reality
Our freedom cry is destiny
Jun 2019 · 89
Junior McIntyre Jun 2019
She bleeds because she loves
She loves because she bleeds
In a crowd, she cannot find the one
To fulfill all her needs
The resilience’s of the human soul
Has now faded to black
And all they see when they look at her
Are sad eyes pain and lack
Her heart is torn and battered
Her eyes jaded and red
She hunted by words spoken
When she was five and bled
The blood flow never stopped
She never found the cure
Since then she has been searching
Somewhere for something more
She bleeds because she loves
She loves because she bleeds
When will her prince ride in someday
And fulfill all her needs
But will she let him in
Before it is too late
Or will she be consumed
By turmoil rage and hate
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