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Imagination works in mysterious ways
Leaking thoughts through your brainwaves
Traveling down to your heart
Flowing words through your veins
Exploding through your fingertips
Filling up that blank page
Creating magic of the imagination
Timeless and amazing how those mysterious ways
Capture poetry connecting from your brainwaves...
Reposting this since the site has been down. #brainwaves #imagination
when I woke up the clouds were pregnant
and I knew you had blown them
across the azure blue
to birth raindrops on my morning grass
and coo pitter-patter lullabies
on the rusty wheelbarrow...

and your voice and your touch
and every drop of golden sweetness
bottled in your soul dripped down softly
stirring my drowsy sleepy eyes...

nudging me to peek and smile
before I dozed off again

and I dreamed of you

of us
a beautiful rainy Saturday morning...
The ability to stay motivated after
a number of failed attempts and
in the end, produce results is what
you call heroism.
Thoughts compile like snowflakes
They gently layer on top of one another
Without seeming to make a difference

But before you know it
The snow is high
And the roads are slippery
The ice has packed down and compressed
You can’t get through it

And so, our very own thoughts
Become our pitfalls
They're what trap us inside
Being rich doesn’t mean you have a lot of money
Being rich means what love fills your heart and makes you happy ....

In essence, everyone is rich in their own way...
The loss of you
Still doesn’t feel true
Yet here I am missing you

Missing you
comes in waves
Just like the unexpected
mid summer rain

Grieving is hard
Loss is tough
No matter how much time
Unexpectedly, now you shine

Gaining your wings
Sadness it brings  
Your pain is free
But missing you who I can’t see

Loss is hard
Knowing or unexpected
Hurts both the same
I will miss you and I love you

Take all the time you need
Grieving the loss of me
But always remember
I’m never to far away
I’m always there in your heart
Forever to stay...
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