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Junior McIntyre Oct 2019
A simplistically calm chaos
Runs it’s finger over my soul
As I hear your voice for the millionth time  
And I wonder if my heart will ever say enough
To make the sheer awe of you disappear
Something about you makes living worth it
For with you, I live a life of butterflies.
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
I like the fact that she wears a yellow dress
And has a yellow umbrella to battle every inch of rain
Because even in the rain her personality is like sunlight
Diving headfirst into every cracked up seam and dark place in my life
And beautifully illuminating everything good in me
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
She is Fire lit in dark heartless ice
And kissing her lips is hell’s frostbite
Her mind is darkened her will is sly
A perfectly held together broken being
Held by hurt anger and pain camouflaged by makeup
The melody of her body is sensual, words sweet
But the honey and instrument is fragile frail weak
Scared by the past her present is shaky
But at least she's still pretty by their standards
The price of beauty
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
Sometimes I feel like walking aimlessly
Into the sun into the wind
Away from all, I have become
And all I hold my kin
Stare at the sun till I go blind
Run in the wind till I get flight
Will, I ever fit in a world so cold
Doomed to dream like them only at night
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
It started with a poem
It started with a dream
To live the life unsighted
Perfect love that was seen
It ended with a heartbreak
A singular soul’s demise
You kept my lovely poem
But my affections got chastised
Maybe I should stop writing
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
Evil  men vile men haters and such
Never seem to embrace justice flawed touch
Lady justice is blind but isn’t it funny
That she has a profound love for her clients with money
Lady Liberty  sad truth
Junior McIntyre Sep 2019
A friend is born when likes collide
And deep calls out to deep
When one discovers that on this earth
They’re not fully unique
When smiles are shared
And burdens carried
Because the bond is strong
And they love you for who are
Whether you’re right or wrong  
A friend is one who has your back
And seeks your very best
Who with a touch or with a word
Seems to remove your stress
And one thing about friendships
They  never have to end
When both decide to stay the course
That makes a true life friend.
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