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All that it takes to turn blackened skies
Back to a beautiful hue of blue
Much like the iris
Of women that never fail to
Give me heart palpitations
There's a slew of variations
An opportunity of great financial gain
After what feels like a century of
Careening going against the grain
A romantic interest peaked
Peeking back at you
Instead of playing a game of
Peeka-Booooo get off the stage
A family member who you're used to being failure
Used to be overly concerned
But that junk mail's been sent back to mailer
Signed Woo-hoo What A Relief
Surely used to eating crow pie
Feeling the grief
Eye a toothpick now
Exclaiming that was righteously delicious
Can I have seconds?
Or thirds?
Because I couldn't even successfully **** me
And those occasions were numerous
Nothing in this world is going to stop me
You can throw me in a real cliff hanger
Like the hungry coyote Wile E.
I'd still come out smiling
Spotted schools of sharks
Swimming in life's cesspool
Drunkenly float feeling loss of hope
Religion believers try to send rope
Let's fashion a noose to **** that noise
I'm glad you believe in that story
Girls and boys
I'd sooner believe that I can jump
Two-hundred stories
Then stick the landing
Bludgeon me with beauty
Harass me with harshness
When seen speaking from my ****
Drown me with divine courage
When I'm nervous
Slice me in two with your words
When I'm only offering silence
It'll open me up
Just give it time
It doesn't come easily
I only speak to people when
I assume that it's worth it
And I don't feel worthless
You have to excuse my process
More Prone to building walls
With barbed wire water and electric fences
Than I am at open doors for others to walkthrough
Unless that's literal
Takes two seconds
Gotten rather used to others looking for uses
For me
Instead of speaking truthfully
Used to be a joyful person
Until I kept meeting people and became
Unsurprised with the fact
They don't give a ****
Might as well build a dam around the rivers
Made from their saliva
While spewing fictional nonsenses
Look closely at my eyes
I'm definitely a strainer
Damaged to ****
Somehow still functional
Works when it gets a chance
Only happy that it's not dead yet
That fact is as shocking as a taser
While submerged in water
You'd wind me up like an old toy
Then point me straight at a wall
To catch a good laugh
Watch me get juiced up just to crash
If your love were a party
I'd be the only kid leaving without cake or ice cream
What a blast
My love was as sweet as candy
In return I'd get a cut to the face
Now add lemon juice with extra salt right to the open wound
I was always picking you up like chairlifts
You were like bungee jumping without rescuers
A real hoot but left me hanging upside down
Children think you're cool
Even when you feel like a bag of ****
Or when you're behaving like it

They're excited to see your face
Even when you see an **** mug
Little faces laugh and smile
They say you're funny
When in reality
You were just being a pessimistic realist *******

I'm sorry I didn't take you out more
Should've took you to more fun activities
My selfish brain was stuck in its own miseries

Remember when you made me laugh
When you ****** in the wind
I said find a tree boy
All I could do was laugh with you too
Front of the pizza shop before ice cream
Was fine for you
Parents walk by and angrily mumble
Thinking the cackling ******* must be crazy
Most things in life don't faze me
But the fact you were taken into state custody
Always makes my face turn into a leaking faucet
Now my brain won't turn off it
I'm just your uncle
I know I'm just your uncle
Brings sadness to my heart
You liked me more than your mother
I spent ninety percent of the months we spent together
Mentally checked out
I know it must hurt your heart to feel
Your own mother doesn't give a **** about you
That's alright kid
**** what she thinks
You're stronger than her
You're stronger than me
I'm your zoned out uncle
Thanks for loving me
I don't deserve it.
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