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I want to taste every inch of your epidermis
Blood's boiling like lava in a thermos
When you ambulate
My phallus will gyrate
While my body is at a standstill
I want you to chew me like a vampiress
Gaze deep in your iris
Leave me wide open like a coke ******'s sinus
My libido is poisonous
Your feminine essence
Seems to be the only antidote
Stay in clear blue water
The vultures are searching for fish
To pick clean
When found desperately flailing
On dry land
It's just as satisfying
As her softly nibbling your ear and the lobe
When said gently
Close enough to her licking the external auditory meatus
Or slowly breathing in it
Instead of being crass
My *******
Tells me just go ahead and bite your lip
Sorry to freak you out
When interest is piqued
Have a hard time peeking
My eyes are mega dilated
Blame your mother and father
For forming a true beauty
Anyone can see dysfunction by
Taking a glance at clothing
If they're heavily soiled
The brain must be
Equally stained
Don't even have to strain
To see closely
If sporting bath robes
While shopping
Psyche must be dropping
Easy to ascertain
The head's dead
Dragging lazybones like Archaeologists
No apologist
Just dreaming of being back
In bed
Or bench
Don't mention the stench if Noticeable
If style goes quirky  or Oddballer
No need for professional sports Caller
To know something about the Clothing articles
Keep their actions on earth
Even with mind spaced outer
When you see someone Displaying the signs
Just say hello
Don't ask about their
When in large groups
They're audible
But unintelligible
It's soothing
I don't have to be a tentative listener
White noise is somehow calming
All that it takes to turn blackened skies
Back to a beautiful hue of blue
Much like the iris
Of women that never fail to
Give me heart palpitations
There's a slew of variations
An opportunity of great financial gain
After what feels like a century of
Careening going against the grain
A romantic interest peaked
Peeking back at you
Instead of playing a game of
Peeka-Booooo get off the stage
A family member who you're used to being  a failure
Used to be overly concerned
But that junk mail's been sent back to mailer
Signed Woo-hoo What A Relief
Surely used to eating crow pie
Feeling the grief
Eye a toothpick now
Exclaiming that was righteously delicious
Can I have seconds?
Or thirds?
Because I couldn't even successfully **** me
And those occasions were numerous
Nothing in this world is going to stop me
You can throw me in a real cliff hanger
Like the hungry coyote Wile E.
I'd still come out smiling
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